Academic Operations Committee (AOC)


  1. To review and recommend procedures for registration, scheduling classes, advising of students, making up calendars and catalogs, and other academic procedures.
  2. To review and recommend policies concerning the Library, internship program, and instructional infrastructure.
  3. To review and recommend policies and procedures regarding admissions, enrollment, and financial aid.
  4. To review and recommend policies regarding grading.
  5. To review and recommend policies regarding recognition for academic achievement (including Dean’s List and President’s List, Honors Day, Latin honors, and commencement).
  6. To review and recommend policies regarding the Honor Code and violations, academic probation, and eligibility for extracurricular activities.
  7. To review and recommend candidates for graduation and policies and procedures regarding graduation.
  8. To conduct appropriate continuing self-study of academic policies and procedures.

AOC Membership

  1. Five faculty members elected at-large for staggered three-year terms.
  2. Two students, not all of the same class year, selected by the Student Senate, which may specify the length of term (at least one year).
  3. Non-voting ex officio: Provost or designee, Dean of Students or designee, Registrar, Chair of the Library, Director of Athletics, Director of Career Development or designee, and Director of the Center for Academic Resources & Enhancement or designee.

Meeting Minutes