Committee for the Assessment of Student Learning (CASL)

The CASL was dissolved by a vote of the faculty in May 2017. This page remains available for archival purposes.


  1. To serve as the primary body with the faculty governance structure tasked with leadership and oversight of assessment of student learning. The committee shall report to the faculty on all matters pertaining to the assessment of student learning in the College. The committee should work collaboratively with the College Assessment Director(s), Director of the Kendall Center, Office of the Provost, and Office of Institutional Research in the formulation and development of all proposals dealing with assessment of student learning.
  2. To collaborate with the College Assessment Director(s) in prioritizing and supporting institutional goals for the assessment of student learning, including the operation of ongoing systems of assessment of student learning and the review of departmental and program mission statements, objectives, plans, and reports as they relate to the assessment of student learning.
  3. To maintain a clearinghouse of resources related to the assessment of student learning, including departmental practices and data.
  4. To collaborate with the Kendall Center and College Assessment Director(s) to provide faculty development opportunities related to the assessment of student learning.
  5. To advise the Director of General Education on assessment of student learning in the following areas: First Term Seminar, Liberal Arts Perspective, Three Crowns Curriculum, Writing Across the Curriculum, and Interim Experience.

CASL Membership

  1. Five faculty members elected at-large for staggered three-year terms.
  2. Two students, not all of the same class year, selected by the Student Senate, which may specify the length of term (at least one year).
  3. Non-voting ex officio: Provost or designee, the College Assessment Director, and the Director of Institutional Research.

Meeting Minutes