Faculty Emergency Planning Committee (EPC)

This committee was active May 2020 through May 2023. This page remains available for archival purposes.


In May of 2020, the Faculty endorsed the following motion, which authorized the EPC to carry out its work. Faculty action in 2020-21 and 2021-22 authorized the EPC through May 2023.

"If normal operations of the College are disrupted significantly due to Minnesota Department of Health, Centers for Disease Control, and/or State recommendations regarding COVID-19, the Faculty Emergency Planning Committee that will represent the faculty to act on any significant changes to the academic program in a timely manner. This committee shall seek comments and suggestions from the Faculty to the extent feasible during the emergency before taking actions regarding the academic program, and it will collaborate with appropriate emergency planning groups from other divisions of the college (e.g. Registrar, Gustavus Technology Services, etc.). A policy change made by this committee shall persist for at most one semester unless the Faculty vote to make the policy permanent through regular Faculty meeting procedures. Authority given to this committee is initially granted for no more than one semester but may be renewed if the emergency persists. The Faculty will be informed of any changes made to the academic program by this committee."

EPC Membership

  • Faculty Senate Chair (or designee)
  • Academic Operations Committee Chair (or designee)
  • Department Chairs and Program Directors Committee Chair (or designee)
  • Diversity Equity and Inclusion Committee Chair (or designee)
  • At Large
  • Non-voting ex officio: Provost or designee

Meeting Minutes

EPC Approved Motions