Global Engagement Committee (GEC)


  1. To participate in developing and executing policies and plans for integrating a culture of global engagement into the curriculum and life of the College.
  2. To work with administrative offices and other faculty committees to implement global literacies and skills into the College curriculum.
  3. To advise and make recommendations as appropriate regarding the work of the Center for International and Cultural Education (CICE).
  4. To collaborate with CICE, the College Assessment Director, and other campus units in articulating, assessing, and promoting student learning outcomes for off-campus study.
  5. To maintain the GEC Policy Manual to guide off-campus teaching curriculum, policies, and procedures.
  6. To consider and approve proposals for new and repeat for-credit, off-campus January term courses, and semester off-campus programs. Particular attention will be paid to their conformance to the GEC Policy Manual. When proposed for a semester program, such courses will be submitted to the Course Approval Subcommittee.
  7. To work in collaboration with other campus units to encourage and support hiring decisions and retention goals that promote geographic representation domestically and internationally, discipline-specific diversity, and representation from underrepresented groups.
  8. To work in collaboration with other campus units to periodically assess the College’s progress on achieving its curricular and institutional goals for global engagement.

GEC Membership

  1. Five faculty members elected at-large, with staggered terms.
  2. Two students selected by the Student Senate. It is strongly recommended that at least one student have previous experience on a Gustavus off-campus study program, one student be an international student, and, ideally, that each student be willing to serve a two-year term.
  3. Non-voting ex officio: Provost or designee, Director of January Term or designee, Director of International and Cultural Education or designee, Director of Multicultural Student Programs and Services or designee, Director of Community-Based Service and Learning or designee. 

Meeting Minutes