Administrative Guidelines for Academic Department Chairs

Section One – Introduction

Dear Department Chair,

This guidelines publication brings together into one place specific administrative items for which academic Department Chairs have unique responsibilities.

You are invited to call to our attention any procedures which are not clear or which should be added. In the next edition, the information can be corrected and/or updated to help each Department Chair become even more effective and efficient in meeting her/his chair responsibilities.

Thank you for the leadership you provide to your department and the academic program.

Mark J. Braun, Provost and Dean of the College

About This Handbook – 1:1

This Handbook is published by the Provost’s Office to provide a ready reference for Department Chairs. It is updated continuously, online, throughout the year. The online publication is considered to be the definitive version. Please direct comments, concerns and questions to Shanon Nowell ( or x7541). Thanks!

Academic Department Chairs – 1:2

A listing of the names, telephone numbers, and email addresses of the Chairs of the Academic Departments is available online at:

The President’s Cabinet – 1:3

Responsibility for supervising and directing the operations of the College rests with the major divisional heads listed below. These chief administrative officers, together with the President, constitute the President’s Cabinet. The description of each person’s specific responsibilities is given in the Academic Catalog, under “Administrative Organization.”

Title Name Phone Email
President Jack R. Ohle 7538
Provost and Dean of the College Mark J. Braun 7541
Vice President for Student Life and Dean of Students JoNes VanHecke 7526
Vice President for Enrollment Management Thomas Crady 7676
Vice President for Finance and Treasurer Kenneth Westphal 7499
Vice President for Institutional Advancement Thomas Young 7551
Vice President for Marketing and Communication Tim Kennedy 6395

Office of the Provost – 1:4

The persons in the Provost’s Office to whom many questions can be addressed are given below.

Title Name Phone Email
Provost and Dean of the College Mark J. Braun 7541
Associate Provost & Dean of Sciences and Education Darrin Good 7541
Associate Provost & Dean of Arts and Humanities Paula O'Loughlin 7541
Assistant to the Provost Shanon Nowell 7541
Administrative Assistant Jennifer Harbo 6223
Administrative Assistant Linda Steinhaus 7675


The Provost’s Office staff to whom many questions can be addressed are given below.

Department or Program Darrin Paula
African Studies   X
Art & Art History   X
Arts Administration   X
Biochemistry and Molecular Biology X  
Biology X  
Chemistry X  
Classics   X
Communication Studies   X
Curriculum II   X
Economics & Management X  
Elementary & Secondary Education X  
English   X
Environmental Studies X  
Film and Media Studies   X
First Term Seminar   X
Gender, Women, & Sexuality Studies   X
Geography X  
Geology X  
Health & Exercise Science X  
History   X
Japanese Studies   X
Latin American, Latino & Caribbean Studies   X
Mathematics & Computer Science X  
Modern Languages, Literatures & Cultures   X
Music   X
Neuroscience X  
Nursing X  
Peace Studies   X
Philosophy   X
Physics X  
Political Science X  
Psychological Science X  
Religion   X
Russian Studies   X
Scandinavian Studies   X
Sociology & Anthropology X  
Theatre & Dance   X


Provost’s Office Administrative Reports

Area of Responsibility Darrin Paula Mark
Academic Advising Director X    
Arboretum Director     X
Assessment Director   X  
Center for International and Cultural Education Director     X
Corporate and Foundation Relations VP (dual report)     X
Fellowships Advisor   X  
Forensics Director     X
Gustavus Technology Services Director     X
Hillstrom Museum of Art Director     X
Institutional Research Director     X
Johnson Center for Environmental Innovation Director     X
Kendall Center Director     X
Library Chair     X
Nobel Conference Director     X
Registrar X X  
Rydell Professorship Director     X
Summer Academic Programs Director     X
Writing Center Director   X  
Writing Across the Curriculum Director   X  


Provost’s Office Regular Meetings and Committee Assignments

Area of Responsibility Darrin Paula Mark Shanon
Academic Affairs Coordinating Council (AACC) X X X  
Academic Honesty (aka Honor Board) X      
Academic Operations Committee (AOC) X      
Academic Petition X      
Academic Probations X      
Academic Technology Committee (ATC) X      
Administrative Technology Advisory Committee (ATAC) X      
Advancement     X  
Benefits Committee     X  
Board of Trustees Meetings     X  
Budget Committee     X  
College-Wide Accreditation Committee (CWAC)     X  
College Assessment Committee   X    
Commencement     X  
Community Service (not a direct report) X      
Compensation Committee     X  
Course Approval Subcommittee (CAPSUB)   X    
Curriculum Committee   X    
Day at the Capitol Committee   X    
Dean of Students     X  
Department Chairs and Program Directors Committee (DCPDC) X X X  
Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Committee (DEIC)     X  
Faculty Awards     X X
Faculty Committee on Student Life (FCSL) X      
Faculty Development Committee (FDC) X      
Faculty Meetings X X X X
Faculty Personnel Committee (PC)     X X
Faculty Senate     X  
General Education   X    
General Education Working Group (GEWG)   X    
Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC)       X
Institutional Review Board (IRB)       X
International and Domestic Programs Committee (IDPC) X      
January IEX & January Term Advisory Committee X      
Minnesota Intercollegiate Nursing Consortium (MINC) X   X  
President Ohle     X  
President’s Cabinet     X  
Program Assessment and Development Committee (PADC)   X    
Project Kaleidoscope (PKAL) X      
Reserve Officers' Training Corps (ROTC)     X  
Science and Math Investigative Learning Experiences (SMILE) X      
Student Conduct Board X X    
Student Research Travel Fund X      
Student Assistance Team/Behavioral Assessment Team (SAT/BAT) X      
Technology Advisory Group (TAG) X      
Third-Year Review Subcommittee (TYR) X X    
Title IX   X    

Faculty Committee Chairs – 1:5

An extremely important part of faculty governance of academic matters at Gustavus involves specific faculty committees. Each committee area of responsibility is listed in the Faculty Handbook, Part 1. The chairs of the specific committees to whom Department Chairs may wish to direct questions and/or concerns are found in the “Green Pages” of the Faculty Book online.

Academic Calendar – 1:6

The Gustavus Academic Calendar is available online at:


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