Administrative Guidelines for Academic Department Chairs

Section Six – Evaluation

Tenure-Track (Probationary) Personnel – 6:1

The Guidelines for Departmental Review and Support of Tenure-track (Probationary) Personnel are available online in the Faculty Handbook (Section 2.1.2):

Special Appointment and Part Time Faculty – 6:2

The Guidelines for Departmental Review and Support of Continuing Special Appointment and Part-time Faculty can be found online:

Conflict of Interest Policy for Committee Membership – 6:3

The Conflict of Interest Policy for Committee Participation is available online:

Promotion Process Guidelines – 6:4

The Personnel Committee suggests that Department Chairs follow these guidelines for their role in the promotion process.

Consult with the promotion candidate regarding selection of colleagues who will write solicited letters. After consultation with the chair, the candidate will request solicited letters from TWO Gustavus colleagues outside the department, and TWO professional colleagues at other institutions.

Announce to students and appropriate alumni that the candidate is being considered for promotion. If a person chooses to write, ask that they address, to the best of their ability, the criteria for promotion and send the letter to the Provost.

Announce to department members that those who have tenure are expected to write a letter to be included in the promotion candidate’s file. Non-tenured colleagues may write if they wish, but it they should never feel obligated to do so. (If there are two candidates from the same department, normally they do not write for one another.) Chairs might also remind departmental faculty that visiting a class, talking with the promotion candidate, and reading a copy of the personal statement prepared by the candidate is useful in helping the faculty member write a letter that addresses the criteria for promotion. Ideally, the candidate should supply a copy of the file or at least a copy of the personal statement, vitae, and publications to the department a couple of weeks before the file closure date, so that this information is available to members of the department.

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