Department Chair and Program Director Guide

Section Ten - General Information

Insurance – 10:1

Gustavus carries liability, property, and automobile insurance. Accidents should be reported to Curt Kowaleski ( or x7499), Vice President for Finance and Treasurer, within 24 hours of the event.

Parking and Traffic Information – 10:2

Parking and traffic information is available through the Office of Campus Safety and is available online at:

Student Entry into Locked Academic Areas – 10:3

If a faculty or staff member wishes to allow a student access to a room that is considered a limited access area or to a building after-hours, the student must be issued a gold-colored Permission for Admittance pass. The pass must include the following information completed by the faculty member (faculty members may only issue passes for rooms within their own areas of responsibility): student’s name, building, room authorized for use (up to 4 rooms per card), times student is authorized to use the room, pass ending date (cannot be longer than the current academic year or current break time), and printed name and signature of faculty or staff member. Campus Safety officers are instructed to ensure proper access to limited access rooms after hours. If a student does not have a pass they may be asked to leave (even if they have a key or fob or are with a student with a pass). Additionally, officers are instructed to collect incomplete passes, passes that appear to be modified, or that do not allow the student access to the room in question. Confiscated passes will be turned over to the Director of Campus Safety.

Thank you very much for your cooperation in this matter. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact Campus Safety.

Academic Calendar and the Common Meeting Time – 10:4

Academic Calendar Structure

Revised by faculty action 3/22/2001, 3/20/2002, 10/25/2006, 9/23/2016

  • Each semester has at least fourteen weeks, including at least 66 class days (previously 64) but not more than 70.
  • Four additional days are reserved for final exams.
  • Fall classes begin on the Tuesday following Labor Day.
  • Nobel Conference is the first Tuesday and Wednesday of October.
  • Fall Break is Monday and Tuesday of the eighth week (previously Friday and Monday).
  • Thanksgiving break includes the Wednesday before Thanksgiving. 
  • January Interim is four weeks (minimum nineteen Monday-Friday class days) and begins no earlier than January 3.
  • A one-week travel/touring period separates January Interim and Spring Semester.
  • A one-week Spring Break separates the halves of the Spring Semester.
  • Whenever Easter doesn’t occur during the Spring Break, Good Friday and the next Monday are an Easter recess.
  • Whenever the end of Spring Break falls within one week of Easter Recess, the two shall be combined.
  • The MAYDAY Conference is scheduled the Wednesday closest to May 1.
  • Honors Day is the first Saturday in May.
  • Commencement is the Saturday following final exams for the Spring Semester (beginning May 2018).

Common Meeting Time

During the academic year, each Friday 2:30-4:30 p.m. has been set aside as the Common Meeting Time ( This time is reserved for scheduling meeting times for faculty committees, and may also be used for scheduling college-wide or faculty colloquia. The common meeting time is set each spring by through consultation by the Provost's Office and the Academic Affairs Coordinating Council (AACC).

Supporting J-Term Only Faculty/Staff – 10:5

Our community and students benefit greatly from part-time faculty and staff who teach during January Term. Please be aware of the following guidelines regarding part-time faculty members or Gustavus staff teaching in January. If the department chair/program director will be unavailable in January (e.g., they are teaching a study abroad course or if they will be away from campus doing off-site scholarly or creative work), this important work should be delegated to an appropriate tenured departmental colleague.

January-Only Faculty

  1. Professional Qualifications: Individuals hired to teach in January should have appropriate credentialing and/or experience required to teach the course.
  2. Department Chair Duties: The department chair/program director will be a resource for all matters related to teaching, including evaluation, using Moodle, Handshake, WebAdvisor, and any other additional questions that may arise regarding the Honor Code, grading, course policies, etc. Department chairs should request and review the course syllabus; assist in the administration of SRIs; conduct a classroom observation; meet with the faculty member to discuss the evaluation; and write a formal letter of evaluation which will be shared with the Provost's Office for the file of the faculty member.

Gustavus Staff Teaching in January

  1. Departmental Affiliation: Any staff member wishing to teach in January will need to request an academic department chair to sponsor them as a faculty member of the department for the month of January, even if the course is designated NDL (non-departmental). Any staff member appointed to teach in January must be associated with an academic department in order for a course to receive academic credit.
  2. Professional Qualifications: Staff members teaching in January should have appropriate credentialing and/or experience required to teach the course.
  3. Supervisor Approval: According to the Faculty Handbook, Appendix C “When staff members whose job descriptions do not include teaching offer noncredit courses in January term, it should be with the approval of their supervisor and division head/VP, with consideration of whether the staff member could perform their normal duties and have the time to assume the instructional role. The teaching should neither be an extra task for additional compensation, nor should it be volunteer work above and beyond the normal work hours of the staff member.”
  4. Department Chair Duties: The department chair who accepts this invitation and adopts the staff member as one of their faculty for the month of January will be a resource for all matters related to teaching, including evaluation, using Moodle, Handshake, WebAdvisor, and any other additional questions that may arise regarding the Honor Code, grading, course policies, etc. Just as the department chair would do for the review of any other NTT faculty, department chairs should request and review the course syllabus; assist in the administration of SRIs; conduct a classroom observation; meet with the faculty member to discuss the evaluation; and write a formal letter of evaluation which will be shared with the Provost's Office for the file of the faculty member.

Reporting Grades – 10:6

Faculty policy requires that mid-term and final grades be reported for all students via the web grading screens to the Registrar's Office within the published time lines of the academic calendar ( The options for each class include either A-F grading or S/U (satisfactory/unsatisfactory).

Calendar of Tasks for Department Chairs – 10:7

Please note that this calendar is not intended to be comprehensive or duplicative of information available in the academic calendar ( Course proposal deadlines are available on the Curriculum Committee website (

Monitor department budget expenditures
Class visits for probationary faculty
Assessment activities
Hire/mentor new faculty
Collect data for annual report
Schedule regular department meetings
Administrative Assistant supervision/direction
Student worker supervision/direction
Curriculum changes/updates
Management of student and personnel issues
Attend chair development opportunities

New chair assumes duties
Departmental annual reports are due to the Provost’s Office
Inform the Registrar’s Office of new faculty courses
Close out departmental budget

Orientation for new faculty
New employee picnic
Opening Faculty Meeting and Retreat

Tenure files close
Third Year Review Committee Chair and Deans meet with TYR candidates and chairs to review the process
Prompt (and assist) new faculty members in crafting and submitting January Term course proposals for approval
Finalized Spring departmental schedules due in Registrar’s Office
Collect course syllabi from department faculty
Course proposals due for new spring semester courses
Continuing Faculty requests due

Provost’s Office sends out staffing request/planning information
Begin planning for pre-tenure and non-tenure-track faculty reviews
Staffing/course planning information due to Provost’s Office
Budget module/packets are distributed for the following fiscal year
Review tenure-track search files (if applicable)
Admission event: Explore Gustavus

Second year evaluations of tenure-track faculty due (November 15)
SRIs are administered the first two weeks of November (tenure, third-year review, promotion)
Departmental budget proposals are due to the Provost’s Office
Attend budget manager training
On-campus visits for tenure-track search candidates (if applicable)
Admission events: Dean’s Day and Scholarship Day

Nominees for spring departmental or program academic assistants are due to the Provost’s Office
Departments recommend tenure-track search candidates to the dean (if applicable)

Course proposals due for new fall semester courses
Receive notice regarding non-tenure-track staffing for the following academic year
Orientation and review of January Term faculty
Admission event: Discover Gustavus

Promotion files close
RSC grant applications due
Presidential Faculty/Student Grant applications due
First year evaluations of tenure-track faculty due (February 20)
First year evaluations of non-tenure-track faculty due (February 20)
Third year review files close
Fall departmental schedules due in Registrar’s Office
Admission events: Gustie for a Day and Scholarship Day
Write letters supporting department sabbatical requests to the Faculty Development Committee (due in March)
Non-tenure-track searches are initiated

Evaluations of non-tenure-track faculty due (March 1)
Notification due to Provost’s Office for faculty intending to retire the following year (March 1)
Sabbatical leave applications due
Tenure-track position requests due
Honors Day award information is due to the Provost’s Office
January IEX and spring departmental schedules are due in the Registrar’s Office
Course proposals due for new FTS courses

Nomination letters for promotion candidates due in Provost’s Office
Fifth year evaluations of tenure-track faculty due (April 1)
SRIs are administered the last two weeks of April (tenure, third-year review, promotion)
Admission event: Experience Gustavus
Nominations for faculty awards (i.e., teaching, service, scholarship) due April 15
Course proposals due for new IEX courses (for current faculty)
Receive authorization(s) for tenure-track searches
Tenure-track search meetings for departments/programs (if applicable)

PC Chair and Provost meet with tenure candidates and chairs to review the process
Academic Catalog revisions due in Registrar’s Office
Nominees for fall departmental or program academic assistants due in Provost’s Office
Nominations for endowed and/or annually funded scholarships due to Financial Aid Office
Evaluation of departmental administrative assistants
Admission event: Preview Gustavus

Academic Seniority – 10:8

1979 Stanley Shetka
1981 Mark Kruger
1983 Lawrence Wohl
1985 Steven Mellema, Charles Niederriter, Brian O'Brien
1986 Paul Estenson, Gregory Kaster
1987 Michael Hvidsten
1988 Laurent Déchery, Lisa Heldke, Daniel Mollner, Michele Rusinko
1989 Philip Bryant, Thomas Huber
1990 Mark Braun (1990-2007, 2011-), Phillip Voight
1991 Christopher Gilbert, Paschal Kyoore
1992 Patricia Snapp, Bruce Van Duser
1993 Paul Saulnier
1994 Toshiyuki Sakuragi
1995 Jennifer Ackil
1996 Richard Leitch, Margaret O'Connor
1997 John Cha, Amy Seham
1998 Michael Ferragamo, Scott Moore, Marie Walker, Suzanne Wilson
1999 Pamela Kittelson
2000 Rebecca Fremo, Jillian Locke, Thomas LoFaro, Michelle Twait, Barbara Zust
2001 Eric Dugdale (on leave 2018-2021), Patricia English, Loramy Gerstbauer, Jon Grinnell, Elizabeth Jenner
2002 Aaron Banks, Jeffrey Dahlseid, Casey Elledge, Anna Hulseberg (2002-2007, 2008-), Jeffrey Jeremiason, Brenda Kelly, Matthew Panciera, Janine Wotton
2003 Margaret Bloch Qazi, Priscilla Briggs, Scott Bur, Mary Gaebler, San Skulrattanakulchai
2004 Yumiko Oshima-Ryan, Bonnie Reimann, Esther Wang
2005 Thia Cooper, Katherine Knutson, Martin Lang, Karl Larson, Brandy Russell
2006 Julie Gilbert, Maria Isabel Kalbermatten, Amanda Nienow (January 2007), Jeffrey Owen, Matthew Rasmussen (2006-2010, 2011-)
2007 Ana Adams, Seán Easton, Yurie Hong, Jeffery Jenson, Kristen Lowe, Micah Maatman, Henry MacCarthy, Mary McHugh (2004-05, 2007-), Heidi Meyer (February 2008), Daniel Moos, Melissa Rolnick, Sarah Ruble, Laura Triplett
2008 Kyle Chambers, Baili Chen, Sean Cobb, Katrina Imison, David Obermiller, Stephanie Otto, So Young Park, Lianying Shan, Dwight Stoll, Anna Versluis
2009 Julie Bartley, Blake Couey, Robert Kendrick, Justin Knoepfel, Glenn Kranking, Sun Hee Lee, Jessie Petricka, Amy Vizenor (2001-2003, 2009-)
2010 Angelique Dwyer, Lauren Hecht, Ruth Lu Lin, Kjerstin Moody, Valerie Walker
2011 Betsy Byers, Pamela Conners, Brandon Dean, Kathleen Keller, Karrin Meffert-Nelson, Lynnea Myers (on leave 2015-2019), Sheng-Ping Yang
2012 Joshua Brown, Kathy Lund Dean, Sarah Wolter (2005-2009, 2012-)
2013 Marcia Bunge (1995-1997, 2013-), Kayla De Lorme, Yuta Kawarasaki, Ursula Lindqvist, Carlos Mejía Suárez, Jessica Stadick, Joaquín Villanueva, Louis Yu
2014 Lisa Dembouski, Annika Ericksen, Jeff La Frenierre, James Patrick Miller (2008-09, 2014-), Marta Podemska-Mikluch, Darío Sánchez-González, David Stamps
2015 Laura Boehm Vock, Laura Burrack, Maddalena Marinari, Brookhart Shields, Jacob Siehler
2016 Lucie Holmgreen (January 2017), Hayley Russell, Shu-Ling Wang
2017 Vita Faychuk, Rory McFadden
2018 Samuel Kessler, Sharon Marquart (2015-16, 2018-)
2019 Marco Cabrera Geserick, Jillian Downey, Patrick Heath, Melissa Lynn
2020 Elizabeth Boatman, Laura Hildreth, Katherine Leehy, Lisa Ortmann, Colleen Stockmann, Kara Trautman

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