Tenure-Track Search Process Guide

1.0 Introduction

When searching for faculty, we seek excellence. But our search for excellence can be sidetracked by overly-narrow definitions of merit, hasty assessments, implicit biases, and limited outreach. To promote inclusive excellence, Gustavus has adopted policies and procedures that guide our search processes.

Summary of changes to the tenure-track search process:

  1. We actively recruit, rather than waiting for candidates to find us.
  2. We carefully craft position announcements; from these, we will derive the search criteria and evaluation rubrics.
  3. We decide how we will evaluate the criteria and follow those guidelines throughout the process using an evaluation rubric and search grid.
  4. We ensure enough time to fully engage with each application. Best practice suggests planning for 20 minutes per application at each stage, along with a multi-stage short-listing process.

You can expect regular updates to these guidelines. These updates will refine and clarify process based on feedback that we receive from the FADEI (the Kendall Center’s Faculty Associate for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion), faculty search process stakeholders, and the Office of Human Resources.

Hiring new faculty is some of the most important work we do; I thank you for careful attention to this task.

Brenda Kelly
Provost and Dean of the College

Last modified: 29 October 2018, by Shanon Nowell