Health and Exercise Science

HESThe department of Health and Exercise Science offers majors in

The Department's general education curriculum provides opportunities for participation in a broad range of physical activities which are designed to help students develop the knowledge and skills needed to improve personal fitness. Exploration of lifetime activities, health-related skills, and application of safety skills are other important goals within the general education program.


Contact Information:

  • Aaron Banks, Ph.D. and Chair
  • Phone: 507-933-7616
  • Location: Office 212C, Lund Center
  • Barb Rodning, Administrative Assistant
  • Phone: 507-933-7617
  • Hours: 8 a.m. to 4:45 p.m.
  • Location: Lund Center

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To learn more about the Department of Health and Exercise Science we invite you to explore the links provided on the left. If you have any questions, please contact Aaron Banks, department chair.

Faculty & Teachers

Name Title Phone
Aaron Banks Aaron Banks Associate Professor and Department Chair 507-933-7616
Bonnie Reimann Bonnie Reimann Assistant Professor and ACT/FIT Coordinator 507-933-7613 web
Brenda Haugen Brenda Haugen Visiting Instructor 507-933-6409
Bruce VanDuser Bruce VanDuser Associate Professor 507-933-7656
Daniel Wolfe Daniel Wolfe Assistant Women's Basketball Coach 507-933-8448
Josh Harbitz Josh Harbitz Instructor 507-933-6467 and 507-933-6467
Karl Larson Karl Larson Associate Professor 507-933-7591
Kelly Eberhardt Kelly Eberhardt
Kiki Harbitz Kiki Harbitz Instructor and Anatomy and Physiology Laboratory Coordinator 507-933-6064
Kyle Momsen ’01 Kyle Momsen ’01 Assistant Professor and Athletic Training Program Director 507-933-6062
Laura Burnett-Kurie Laura Burnett-Kurie Instructor 507-933-7619 and 507-933-7619
Laurel Jordan ’88 Laurel Jordan ’88 Visiting Instructor 507-933-7614
Mark Hanson ’83 Mark Hanson ’83 Head Men's Basketball/Director Outdoor Education/Teacher Hes 507-933-7037
Mary Joos Mary Joos Instructor and Athletic Training Program Clinical Coordinator 507-933-6462
Michael Middleton Michael Middleton Instructor 507-933-7699
Mitchell Bockenstedt Mitchell Bockenstedt Assistant Athletic Trainer and Strength and Conditioning Coa 507-933-6465
Nate Otto ’99 Nate Otto ’99 Assistant Women's Volleyball Coach 507-933-6145
Nicole Momsen ’05 Nicole Momsen ’05 Visiting Instructor
Peter Haugen Peter Haugen Head Football Coach / Instructor in Health and Exercise Science 507-933-7660
Rachel More Rachel More Visiting Instructor 507-933-7617
Stephanie Otto ’00 Stephanie Otto ’00 Associate Professor 507-933-6464
Tommy Valentini ’02 Tommy Valentini ’02 Instructor of Sport Ethics 507-933-6446
Troy Banse Troy Banse Head Athletic Trainer and Director of Strength and Condition 507-933-6463
Barb Rodning Barb Rodning Administrative Assistant 507-933-7617
Brenda Reinholtz ’69 Brenda Reinholtz ’69 Professor Emeritus
Dennis Raarup ’53 Dennis Raarup ’53 Professor Emeritus
Donald Roberts ’56 Donald Roberts ’56 Professor Emeritus
Gary Reinholtz Gary Reinholtz Professor Emeritus
Moose Malmquist ’53 Moose Malmquist ’53 Professor Emeritus
Jeanne Herman Jeanne Herman Professor Emeritus web
Margaret Koehler Margaret Koehler Professor Emeritus web
Myer Skoog Myer Skoog Professor Emeritus
Nancy Baker ’56 Nancy Baker ’56 Professor Emeritus