Campus Living

Gustavus believes there is great value in being a residential college, recognizing a significant part of a student's learning is gained outside the classroom. Living within a community of peers, interacting with a variety of individuals, learning from one another, assuming individual and group responsibilities, developing interpersonal skills, and pursuing lifelong friendships are all a part of being a residential college.

Getting Involved
There are numerous opportunities for students to get involved. If students say they are bored, they may need to take more initiative to engage in the endless events and organizations on campus. Here are some of the opportunities for students to enhance their college experience.
Choosing a roommate
What students should think about when choosing a roommate.
Student Responsibilities and College Policy
Students are encouraged to be responsible for taking advantage of the positive ways to be involved and learning from the consequences of making poor decisions. Here is a listing of college policies and what happens when a policy violation occurs.
Residential Life Office
Gustavus is a residential institution - students live on campus throught their time here. Most students choose to stay on the weekends, as opposed to going home. Here is information on the office that handles housing.