Parents & Family

Academic InformationWarning Icon

Information on school breaks, advisors, graduation requirements, and resources to help students succeed can be found by clicking on: Academic Catalog

Parents of New Gusties

A packet of information is traditionally given to families at the in-person Gustie Gear Up! in mid-June. If you weren't able to attend or just want access to the resources again, we've linked those documents here for your convenience.

Campus Living

Information on housing, ways for students to get involved, and college policies.

The College Rhythm

Month by month information on typical issues, concerns, stresses, and stages of development often experienced by college students.

Conversation Starters

Topics and information for talking with your student.

Gustavus Lingo and Department Descriptions

GPA, CF, and caf—definitions of many common Gustavus terms and a quick guide to office responsibilities.

High School to College

Information about the differences and how to make it a smoother transition for both you and your child.

Life after Gustavus

Information on writing resumes, looking for internships, jobs, applying to graduate school, and the connections among former Gustavus students.