Gustavus Lingo & Department Descriptions

Here are definitions of many common Gustavus terms and a quick guide to describing the offices and services frequently used by parents and students.


Located on the north end of Eckman Mall, has a circle drive, and is a typical location for students to meet for transportation.
County park on Hwy 169 between St. Peter and Mankato. Has several miles of hiking trails, and students often visit there to have evening campfires.
Carlson Administration Building housing such departments as the President's Office, Finance Office, Alumni and Parent Engagement and the Registrar
Although it indicates graduates of Gustavus, students most often are referring to Alumni Hall, a large meeting/programming room in the upper level of Johnson Student Union.
The Arb
The Gustavus Arboretum is a 135-acres on-campus arboretum.
Area Coordinators
Area Coordinators are live-in, residential life professional staff who supervise Collegiate Fellows and monitor the environment for a cluster of residence halls.
Collegiate Fellows work for Residential Life and are carefully selected, upper-class students assigned to assist students living in the residence halls. CFs are trained to be familiar with the campus, faculty, resources, and residential and academic procedures.
The caf
The real name is the Evelyn Young Dining Hall, which includes the Market Place.
Refers to the building, but often means the 10 a.m. Sabbath service that occurs Monday-Friday. No classes are held from 10–10:30 a.m.
C in CC
Christmas in Christ Chapel—music and worship performance held each year at the beginning of December
The Cities
Minneapolis/St. Paul metro area located about 70 miles north of St. Peter
Campus Activities Office (the Information Desk is connected to this office) in the lower level of the Campus Center.
Norelius residence hall, which houses first-year students
North, Gibbs and Sorensen residence halls
The Den
Student organization office and work area located in the lower level of the Campus Center
The Center
The Center for Inclusive Excellence, located in the lower level of the Student Union, organizes numerous large and small initiatives surrounding diversity issues.
A student may withdraw from (drop) a full-credit course during the first two weeks of Fall and Spring semesters and the first three days of January Term without having that course participation recorded on the transcript. For partial-credit courses in Fall and Spring semesters, only one week is allowed. Students may also add courses during this time if given permission by a faculty member.
Erbs & Gerbs
Erbert and Gerbert's subs, a popular sandwich shop located in St. Peter for a late-night snack.
Gustie Greeters serve as orientation leaders to first-year and transfer students
ID Cards
The Three Crowns ID Card will serve to access their residence hall and student declining balance account and meal plans.
The Mall
Refers to Eckman Mall, which is the center area of campus leading to the Chapel.
Meal Plans
Students who reside in traditional residence halls are required to purchase a declining balance meal plan. Food and beverage items purchased in the Gustavus Market Place will be deducted from this declining balance meal plan. All other students may elect to enroll in a declining balance meal plan or may make purchases with cash or check.
Peer Assistants are peer educators who work to identify student needs, coordinate ideas and suggestions, and assemble informational programs that support the Gustavus community in matters concerning alcohol/drugs, sexuality, and other lifestyle issues.
Post Office
President's Ball is a tradition started in the '80s at Gustavus. It is a semi-formal dance typically held Spring semester in eitiher Minneapolis/St.Paul or Mankato.
Res. Life
The Office of Residential Life, which has oversight responsibility for the residence halls and staff.
Ring Road
Now named Campus Drive. It is the road that circles around the buildings of the campus.
The Rock
An actual rock located outside of Old Main that is painted regularly with a variety of messages.
South Side/North Side
Students use this terminology to indicate the location on campus for a particular residence hall.
Withdraw Deadline

College policy does not allow students to register for full-credit courses after the end of the second week of the Fall and Spring semesters or the third day of the January Interim. Individual faculty may set stricter limitations on entry into their courses. Registration for partial-credit courses may occur any time up to and including the first meeting day of the course.

A student may withdraw from (drop) a full-credit course during the first two weeks of the Fall and Spring semesters and the first three days of January Interim without having that course participation recorded on the transcript. For partial credit courses in Fall and Spring semesters, only one week is allowed. Course withdrawals after this time will be recorded on the student transcript as a “W.” No withdrawal from a course is permitted after the tenth week of a full-semester course, the fifth week of a half-semester course, or the third week of a January Interim course. Courses for which a student is registered after these times will receive final grades.

Department Descriptions

  • Academic Support Center - 507-933-7227
    Located in Anderson Hall. The center has staff available to provide academic support (learning strategies, organization and time management); to discuss reasonable accommodations for documented disabilities, a wide range of academic questions, concerns, and issues; and to refer students to faculty and other resources on campus.
  • Admission - 507-933-7676
    Current Gustavus students are an important part of the Admission process, serving as campus tour guides, overnight hosts, and student phoners who phone prospective students.
  • Birthday Celebrations - 507-933-7608
    Order a birthday cake from the Gustavus Bakery for your student. The cost of the cake is determined by its type and size.
  • Book Mark - 507-933-7587
    The campus bookstore, is owned and operated by Gustavus to serve the campus community. The Book Mark’s Web address is, and in addition to the online catalog of clothing, books, and gifts, students can order their course materials. They are posted online well before classes start. Web orders can be placed approximately one month before each term starts. Text orders must be prepaid with Visa, MasterCard, Discover, gift cards, or a student account charge. Web orders can be picked up on campus at the designated times listed on the website or delivered to residence halls in fall semester. Rental, E-books, and new and used books are available in-store and online.
  • Campus Activities Office - 507-933-7598
    Serves the campus as a resource for student leadership and programming. The office coordinates New Student Orientation and Homecoming/Family Weekend. This is the place to go for students to get involved on campus.
  • Campus Escort Service - 507-933-8888
    An on-campus walking escort service is provided for members of the College community from dusk to dawn by the Campus Safety Department. Medical escorts are available 24 hours per day.
  • Campus Safety - 507-933-8888
    Uniformed officers are on duty 24 hours a day and are responsible for residence hall, academic building and grounds security, enforcement of parking and traffic issues, response to health and safety concerns, and supervision of student assistants in academic facilities.
  • Career Development - 507-933-7575
    Gustavus Career Development provides students with resources, connections, and communities to make informed transitions through explorations and experiences. Career Development utilizes the Career Interest Cluster approach to aid students in their career development process. Career interest clusters are groups of occupations and industries that have foundational knowledge and skills in common. The seven career interest clusters are:
    • Arts and Communication
    • Business
    • Education
    • Government and Social Services
    • Health Professions
    • Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math
    • Still Deciding

    Career Development offers resources including career counseling, online career tools, and events and programs organized around the career interest clusters.

  • Center for International and Cultural Education - 507-933-7545
    Gustavus encourages its students to include study abroad in their academic plans and offers a wide variety of overseas opportunities. The Center for International and Cultural Education is located in the International Center. With the assistance of the director and staff, students can explore the possibilities of a year, semester, or January Term abroad. The Center issues International Student Identity Cards (ISIC) and American Youth Hostel Cards (AYH).
  • Community Engagement Center
    Advises and supports campus groups and programs that facilitate community service and promote social justice and civic engagement. Working collaboratively with students, faculty, and other administrative offices. Regular program offerings include such options as the Big Partner/Little Partner child and youth mentoring program, the Amigos Chicano and Latino Community Connection, the Study Buddies tutoring and classroom assistant program in area schools, and the Elders program at various nursing homes and assisted living facilities.
  • Counseling Center - 507-933-7027
    Staff work with Gustavus students to enhance their personal development and academic achievement. At times, students experience personal, relational, social, or academic difficulties they cannot fully resolve on their own, and find it helpful to talk to a professional counselor about their concerns. In order to help students with such difficulties, the Counseling Center provides a variety of confidential services, including: individual counseling, group counseling, consultation, workshops, and referrals to off-campus resources.
  • Dean of Students/Vice President for Student Life - 507-933-7526
    Has responsibility for overall coordination of services to students, including the Counseling Center, Residential Life, Campus Activities, Health Service, Community Engagement Center, Career Development, GustieWELL office and Campus Safety. Because campus life outside the classroom is the particular responsibility of this office, the Dean and Assistant Vice Presidents are available to talk to students and parents when they have questions regarding the College environment and student life. Responsibilities also include emergency situations and personal matters.
  • Dining Service - 507-933-7608
    The Evelyn Young Dining Room is located on the upper level at the north end of the Campus Center Building. The dining room is served by the Gustavus Adolphus Market Place, which offers a wide selection of food and beverage choices to the entire Gustavus community
  • Accessibility Resources - 507-933-7227
    Located in the Academic Support Center. Provides consultations, referral, and direct assistance to students with disabilities.
  • Finance Office - 507-933-7501
    Located on the upper floor of the Campus Center. Students pay tuition, room, and meal plan fees at this office. Students may also make deposits of $50 or more into their declining balance campus account. The office will also cash checks up to $50 per day. Personal checks must be made to “Cash” and the current student ID must be presented. A $10 service fee will be added to each returned check and charged to your student account.
  • Financial Aid - 507-933-7527
    A majority of students would not be able to attend Gustavus if it were not for a financial assistance program of grants, loans, and student employment.
    Financial aid is awarded on an annual basis. Students are responsible for completing a new financial statement each year. The Office of Student Financial Aid recommends that students file their applications between January 1 and June 15 of each year.
  • Folke Bernadotte Memorial Library - 507-933-7556
    The library is a place to study, work on research projects, read just for fun, and explore “life, the universe, and everything.” Resources include more than 287,000 volumes and nearly 1,000 journals and newspaper subscriptions, as well as thousands of maps, government documents, videos, microfilms, and electronic titles.
  • Gustavus Technology Services - 507-933-6111
    Located in Olin Hall. GTS is the source for all-academic and residential computing at Gustavus. The department supports and manages the computer labs and network. GTS also manages campus e-mail accounts, network storage space, web-space, campus networking and student computing. The Helpline can be reached at 507-933-6111 or
  • Health Service - 507-933-7630
    The College maintains a Health Service which provides care and/or referral for acute medical injuries and illnesses, preventative health examinations, and promotes health and wellness through health maintenance, health education, public health initiatives, and collaboration with other professionals to maximize the lifelong health and learning of our students. Board certified nurse practitioners, licensed practical nurses, and an administrative assistant staff the Health Service. A registered dietitian is available for consultation and appointments. The Health Service is located on the lower level of the Campus Center building. Appointments are encouraged.
    All Gustavus Health Service office visits with the Nurse Practitioners, laboratory tests, immunizations, and/or medical supplies will be billed to the student’s medical insurance company. Any laboratory or immunization fees not paid by insurance may be charged to the student account. These services are provided at a reasonable cost. Should you require hospitalization, you will be sent to the River's Edge Hospital, unless you and your parents make other arrangements.
    If you are ill, injured, or have questions about your health, we welcome you to visit the Health Service. Please call 507-933-7630 to set up an appointment. Information about the Health Service and health education links can be found on the Gustavus web page.
  • Lund Center, Information Desk, 507-933-6660
    Lund Center has four major activity areas, the Lund Arena (hockey), the Aquatic Center, the Gymnastics Studio; and the Forum, which includes a 3,000-seat performance area for basketball and volleyball (Gus Young Court), a 200-meter competition track, and ample space for classes and intramural and recreational activities. Racquetball courts, cardiovascular work-out equipment, resistance training, and areas for aerobic and dance classes are also available.
  • GustieWELL Office - 507-933-7169
    The GustieWELL Office serves as a resource to promote awareness to issues relating to healthy lifestyles and active bystander intervention.
  • Print and Mail Services - 507-933-7536/7589
    Located in the Jackson Campus Center, Print and Mail Services provides support for the College community through exceptional printing and mailing services. Print and Mail Services is committed to providing superior, efficient, cost effective service through proven methods and technology while monitoring change and planning for the future.
  • Provost's Office - 507-933-7541
    Has oversight responsibility for all academic programs.
  • Registrar - 507-933-7495
    Is responsible for maintaining accurate records of student academic progress while assuring the privacy and security of those records. It is the office authorized to issue official transcripts, to certify the enrollment and attendance of students, to award degrees, and to maintain other matters of record. It schedules classes into existing facilities, schedules students for classes, and records and reports grades.
  • Residential Life Office – 507-933-7529
    Located in the lower level of the Jackson Campus Center. This office provides information on and coordination of residential services, including housing assignments, room changes, selection and training of all residence hall staff, and policy development for the residential living system. The Collegiate Fellow program is administered by the Residential Life Office. For further information or assistance in solving housing problems, have your student contact their Collegiate Fellow, Area Coordinator, or the Director of Residential Life.

Frequently Called Numbers

  • Academic Support Center 507-933-7227
  • Admission Office 507-933-7676
  • Book Mark 507-933-7587
  • Campus Activities Office 507-933-7590
  • Campus Safety 507-933-8888
  • Career Development 507-933-7575
  • Center for Internation and Cultural Education 507-933-7545
  • Chaplain’s Office 507-933-7446
  • Counseling Center 507-933-7027
  • Custodial 507-933-7655
  • Dean of Students 507-933-7526
  • Dining Services 507-933-7608
  • Student Employment 507-933-7501
  • Financial Aid 507-933-7527
  • Health Service 507-933-7630
  • Intramural Office 507-933-7014
  • Library (Reference Desk) 507-933-7567
  • Marketing and Communications 507-933-7520
  • Event Services 507-933-7373
  • Physical Education/Athletic Center (Lund Information Desk) 507-933-6660
  • Facilities 507-933-7504
  • Post Office 507-933-7589
  • Registrar 507-933-7495
  • Residential Life 507-933-7529
  • Switchboard 507-933-8000
  • Technology Services 507-933-6111
  • Telecommunications 507-933-6261
  • Ticket Center 507-933-7590

Emergency Numbers

  • Gustavus Campus Safety 507-933-8888
  • Ambulance 9-1-1
    (The Saint Peter Public Safety Dispatch at 507-931-1550 can also contact ambulance personnel.)
  • Dean of Students Office 507-933-7526 (8am-4:45pm)
  • Fire Department 9-1-1
  • Gustavus Health Service 507-933-7630 (8am-4:45pm)
  • Residential Life 507-933-7529 (8am-4:45pm)
  • River's Edge Hospital 507-931-2200
  • St. Peter Clinic-Mayo Health Systems 507-931-2110
  • St. Peter Police 507-931-1550

Road Condition Information

  • (St. Peter area) 800-388-2985
  • (Minnesota) 800-542-0220