Lund Center Policies

Lund Center was dedicated on Oct. 21, 1984 to Russell T. Lund, Rhoda Berge Lund and Patricia Hays Lund for their distinguished service as trustees, and their leadership as donors to Gustavus. Lund Center is one of the finest recreation facilities around, and Gustavus takes pride in all that it has to offer. If you have any questions, please call the Info Desk at x6660.

Using the Facility

Group Use Facility Sign in @ Info Desk Pay Fee Cardio Center Weight Room Track & Forum 2nd Floor Pool
Students All hours No No Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Employees & Spouses All hours Yes No Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Dependents <14 years Weekends & after 5 p.m. weekdays Yes No No No Yes No Yes
Dependents 14–22 years Weekends & after 5 p.m. weekdays Yes No Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Official Guests of the College All hours Yes No $5/day Yes if 14 & older Yes Yes if 14 & older Yes
Guests Accompanied by a Student All hours Yes No $5/day if 14 & older Yes if 14 & older Yes Yes if 14 & older Yes
Guests Accompanied by an Employee, Spouse, or Dependent Weekends & after 5 p.m. weekdays Yes $5/person No No Yes Yes if 14 & older Yes
Alumni Once/month Yes No $5/day Yes Yes Yes Yes


Blue kit lockers may be rented by students and employees at the Info Desk for $10.00 per school year.

Full-time employees may rent faculty lockers, if available, for $25 per school year for a half locker or $35 for a full locker. Priority will be given to current locker holders until Sept. 1, and to individuals on the waiting list after that.

If you do not purchase a locker, please bring your own lock. Your lock may be used on a daily basis, but may NOT be left on overnight. Any locks left overnight will be cut off without notice! Lund Center is NOT responsible for lost or stolen articles. Please lock up your items!


Sign up for racquetball court times can be done in person or over the phone (x6660), but no more than one day in advance. Reservations may only be made for 1 hour.

Court lights will be turned on when at least one person from your party has checked in with the Info Desk. All players MUST have a signed Racquetball Agreement on file at the Info Desk before you will be allowed to play. This agreement must be signed each school year and states that you will abide by the rules listed and agree to wear protective eyewear and non-marking shoes while you are playing.

Racquetball racquets may be checked out at the Info Desk, but each player must supply his or her own protective eyewear and racquetballs.

Equipment Check Out

The Info Desk checks out a variety of sports equipment to students, employees, spouses, and dependents. These items include: basketballs, volleyballs, racquetball racquets, footballs, badminton equipment, soccer balls, and walleyball equipment. Some items Lund Center does not provide are: ice skates, swim goggles, or protective eyewear for racquetball. All equipment can be checked out at the Info Desk and a driver’s license or current Gustavus ID must be left at the desk as collateral for the item being checked out.


Lund Center is a tobacco free facility. Pets, rollerblades, and scooters are not allowed in the building. Strollers are allowed in the building but not on any of the track surfaces.

Important Phone Numbers

Phone number Name
507-933-6660 Info Desk
507-933-6659 Info Desk Supervisor—Candy Siewert
507-933-7615 Reserving a space in Lund (Scheduler)
507-933-7005 Athletic Director—Tom Brown
507-933-7617 Athletic Department Office
507-933-6144 Intramural Director—Justin DeGrood
507-933-7615 Ice Arena Manager—Brett Petersen
507-933-7647 Sports Information—Ethan Armstrong
507-933-8493 Events Manager—Jared Phillips
507-933-7693 Pool Manager—Alex Lindstrom