Environmental Studies

The Environmental Studies (ES) Program combines rigorous empiricism with analysis of ethical, aesthetic, and historical issues in examining the relationship between humans and the nonhuman world. A rich array of faculty expertise, courses, facilities, internships, and study abroad options provides the foundation for an interdisciplinary study of the environment.

Careful planning on the student's part is essential from the beginning of one's undergraduate career. Because of the individualized, interdisciplinary nature of the program and the sequential nature of many of the courses, students should normally declare an ES major no later than the end of their sophomore year, and should consult with an advisor from the department of their intended concentration.

Name Title Phone
James Dontje Chair and Director of Johnson Center for Environmental Innovation 507-933-7206 web
Cindy Johnson Professor of Biology and Environmental Studies 507-933-7043 web
Pamela Kittelson Professor 507-933-7331 web
Don Scheese Professor 507-933-6087
Julie Bartley Associate Professor 507-933-7307 web
Joel Carlin Associate Professor 507-933-6305 web
Deborah Goodwin Associate Professor 507-933-6012
Jeff Jeremiason Associate Professor 507-933-6235 web
Richard Leitch Associate Professor 507-933-7028
David Obermiller Associate Professor 507-933-6159
Jeff Owen ’92 Associate Professor 507-933-7420
Anna Versluis Associate Professor 507-933-6058 web
James Welsh Associate Professor 507-933-7335
Annika Ericksen Assistant Professor 507-933-7428
Jeff La Frenierre Assistant Professor 507-933-6332
Laura Triplett Assistant Professor 507-933-7442 web
Thomas LaVanchy Visiting Assistant Professor
Shirley Mellema Administrative Assistant 507-933-6181
Deane Curtin Emeritus. Hanson-Peterson Professor of Liberal Studies and Professor