Study Abroad

Environmental Studies

The following is a list of programs with an Environmental Studies component, however this list is not comprehensive. Visit the Center for International and Cultural Education for a full list of programs.

Arcadia Mediterranean Center for Arts and Sciences
The Mediterranean Center for Arts & Sciences offers a wide range of liberal arts courses every semester . Included academic fieldtrips enable students to explore the diversity of the Mediterranean. Courses in English and Italian available. ES is one of the five main study areas.
Arcadia University Spain– Granada Environmental Studies
The Arcadia University Center for Contemporary Studies in Spain welcomes students at all levels of Spanish study. You will enroll in courses ranging from Spanish language to area studies courses in English and Spanish, to special Arcadia-taught programs in Environmental Studies that are taught in English. More advanced students have the opportunity to enroll in fully integrated courses at the Universidad de Granada. Arcadia in Granada is a unique program that allows for many curricular possibilities
DIS– Sustainability in Europe
The Sustainability in Europe program is designed for students of environmental studies, management, public policy, and students generally interested in environmental affairs. Corse courses and study tours will enhance understanding of the goals and processes connected with sustainable development. You will be introduced to a broad range of Danish and European stakeholders currently shaping the sustainability agenda.
New Zealand
IES – University of Christchurch
This Direct enroll option allows students to study a wide variety of subjects and an internationally recognized university. Courses offered include biology, chemistry, ecology, environmental science, forestry, geography, geology, plant studies, and zoology among others.
Gustavus Semester in India
Gustavus led program. Subjects include: Globalization and Ethics of Development; Environment, Ecology, and Livelihood; Identity, Resistance and Liberation; and Religion, Culture, and Society.
SIT Study Abroad Brazil: Amazon Resource Management and Human Ecology
Explore the conflict between ecological resources and human development demands in the Amazon Rainforest. Program includes 10-day boat trip down the Amazon, excursions to southern Para. Portuguese courses are offered.
IFSA - Study Abroad at James Cook University
Direct enroll at a comprehensive university leader in teaching and research. Courses are offered from a wide range of subjects, including; environmental chemistry, environmental engineering, geology, geochemistry, environmental science, global change and more.
IFSA - Study Abroad at Murdoch University
Direct enroll at university in Perth, Australia. Murdoch is known for its student-centered focus and excellence across teaching in a variety of disciplines. Environmental Studies related courses are offered in a wide range of disciplines: Atmospheric Science, Costal Ecology, Ecology, Environmental Management, Remote Monitoring, Environmental Policy and Law, Environmental Restoration, GIS, Sustainability, Land Management, Toxicology
IFSA - Study Abroad at the University of Queensland
Study abroad at one of Australia’s leading research institutions. Choose courses from a variety of focuses, including; Resource Management, Plant Biology, Geography, Agriculture, Rural Management, Biology, Chemistry, and Sustainability.
IFSA - University of Wollongong
Take courses abroad in an ecologically designed campus located in the Mt. Keira rainforest on the shores of the Pacific Ocean. Courses offered include; biology, chemistry, oceanography, costal ecology, aquaculture, environmental science, geology, geography, human/environment interaction, landscape change, soil studies, hydrology, and population studies
United Kingdom
University of Lancaster
Direct enroll. Students have the opportunity to select from a Varity of course across the disciplines to fulfill major/minor requirements. Subjects offered include Biology, geology, geography, chemistry, economics, and more. Lancaster is a closed campus university on the north-western coast of England.
University of Aberdeen
Direct enroll. Students have the opportunity to select from a variety of courses from across the disciplines. Biology, geology, geography, environment and society, politics, chemistry, management, economics, and more are offered to students, enabling them to fulfill major/minor requirements at a major research institution in the north-east of Scotland.
United States
Washington Internship Institute
Study Away in Washington, DC., while getting real world experiences through an internship and coursework. Internship opportunities include those with an environmental focus. Students have the potential to be placed with environmental think-tanks, EPA, Environmental Law Institute, Sierra Club, WWF, The National Zoo, and League of Conservation Voters among others.
Hecua – Environmental Sustainability: Minneapolis, MN
The program includes field experiences that focus on basic ecosystem evaluation. Short trips throughout the semester offer opportunities to integrate theory and practice. Students also participate in an internship with an environmental or sustainability focus.
Costa Rica
CIEE – Sustainability and the Environment
Intern with local conservation groups, NGOs, or development businesses. Participate in specially designed CIEE courses in conservation and sustainability. Focuses on tropical conservation in a progressive developing country. Participate in a homestay with Costa Rican family. Spanish language experience not required but recommended.
CIEE – Tropical Ecology and Conservation
A study abroad program with a focus on Ecology and Conservation. Students live at a research station in the Montverde Cloud Forest. Some College Level Spanish recommended.
SIT - Study Abroad Tanzania: Wildlife Ecology and Political Ecology
Study the delicate balance between socioeconomic goals of a developing country and ecological concerns centered around the massive Serengeti National Park. Swahili courses offered to student on the program.
SIT - Study Abroad Madagascar: Biodiversity and Natural Resource Management
While learning about the environment in French and Malagasy, students will also experience homestay, village-life, and excursions to national parks while studying the human/environment interactions of this island nation. French language experience required.
Round River - Namibia Desert Program
Study environmental conservation and wildlife management in Africa. Conservation Biology, Biological Field Methods, Natural History Methodology, Humans and Environment, and Wildlife Conservation Policy are all offered courses.
SIT - Study Abroad Ecuador: Comparative Ecology and Conservation
Excursions take students to the high sierras of the Andes, the epiphyte-rich cloud forest, the rugged snow-line páramo, and the vast rainforest of the Ecuadorian Amazon. Students are based in Quito and take courses from local professionals in subjects as diverse as ornithology, biology, history, economics, and local law.