The department of Philosophy offers a unique opportunity for the serious student. Its courses enable the student to come to an understanding of the historical tradition of fundamental issues in religion, morality, metaphysics, and epistemology; in addition, courses in philosophy are designed to allow students to acquire an increased measure of conceptual clarity, as well as rational belief of their own, about these fundamental issues.

A major or a minor in philosophy is recommended to all students who desire to pursue graduate study in any of the disciplines in the Humanities or Social Sciences, and also to those who expect to enter one of the professions—especially law, the ministry, or teaching.

Majors in Philosophy are encouraged to study abroad and the department allows appropriate coursework from approved international programs to apply toward the major. See available programs at

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Deane Curtin Hanson-Peterson Professor of Liberal Studies and Professor 507-933-7644
Laurent Dechery Professor 507-933-7383 web
Lisa Heldke ’82 Professor 507-933-7029 web
Douglas Huff Professor 507-933-7649
Peg O'Connor Professor 507-933-7573
Joshua Brown Assistant Professor 507-933-7485
Tommy Valentini ’02 Instructor of Sport Ethics 507-933-6446
Janine Genelin Administrative Assistant, Old Main 507-933-7548