Psychological Science

COVID Update

For the safety of our family, friends, students, and Gustavus community, the Department of Psychological Science will conduct most of its day-to-day business online (e.g., declaring a major or completing applications for graduation) until further notice.

Mission Statement 

The Department of Psychological Science is committed to fostering an academic environment that exposes students to different scientific approaches and embraces diverse psychological perspectives. Through coursework, students develop skills to conduct individual research and ethically apply psychological theory, which we believe, strengthens understanding of mind and behavior. The department’s primary goals are to provide knowledge and cultivate skills that will serve students well as they continue to grow professionally and move forward into their careers.

Why Study Psychology?

Psychology is a social science that strives to understand human behavior and its underlying mental processes. In other words, psychologists explore why people behave the way they do and why they think the way they think. The skills and knowledge gained by students will prepare them for a variety of careers, such as social work, counseling, advocacy, and more. Those who choose careers in psychology may work in vocational settings, advocacy centers, counseling centers, businesses, hospitals, and schools. The psychology program at Gustavus creates an academic learning environment that fosters research skills, teaches comprehensive theoretical perspectives, and lends to personal growth.