Psychological Science

The primary goal of the Department of Psychological Science is to foster in students an understanding and appreciation of the scientific approach to describing and explaining behavior and mental processes. To this end, faculty members strive to provide opportunities for students to challenge generalizations, engage in objective thinking and observation, and employ the research methods necessary to establish a more complete understanding of mind and behavior.

Throughout the program students are introduced to theoretical explanations and the associated empirical evidence and research methods employed to establish and evaluate them. We expect that the knowledge and skills that students develop will serve them well as they consider their responsibilities to society and their role in the world.

Name Title Phone
Michael Ferragamo Associate Professor 507-933-6369
Jennifer Ackil Professor 507-933-7418
Mark Kruger Professor 507-933-7415 web
Richard Martin Professor 507-933-7411
Tim Robinson ’65 Professor 507-933-7445 web
Barbara Simpson Professor 507-933-7416 web
Marie Walker Associate Professor 507-933-7412
Janine Wotton Associate Professor 507-933-7305 web
Kyle Chambers Assistant Professor 507-933-7063 web
Kayla De Lorme Assistant Professor 507-933-6351
Lauren Hecht Assistant Professor and MCMS Representative 507-933-7518 web
Martin Lloyd Visiting Assistant Professor
Nicole Goebel Administrative Assistant 507-933-7413