The Writing Center

The Writing Center offers three forms of writing support. After making an account on WCOnline (if you haven’t already done so), you will be taken to our schedule and can choose:

  1. In-Person Sessions at one of our four locations: The Writing Center (Anderson #104), LIB #211, Lund Student Lounge (3rd floor), or the Center for Inclusive Excellence. We accept drop-ins, too!
  2. Live Online Sessions: These are conducted via a video-chat feature of our website. This option may be unavailable for students with a very slow internet connection. 
  3. Written Feedback Only: Upload the link to a Google doc when you reserve your appointment. Please press the "share" button in the upper right-hand corner of the doc screen, press "get shareable link," and then change the permission setting to "can comment" (instead of the default "can view") before copying the link. Provide the assignment prompt and instructions about what you would like the Writing Assistant to focus on. During the scheduled hour, they will open your document and provide feedback by leaving comments on your paper. You will receive an email when the feedback is available for you to view. This option doesn’t require that you be present during the appointment. 

Click here to make an appointment

Instructions for Live Online Sessions (face-to-face):

1. Reserve a time slot with a Writing Assistant.
2. When the time comes, log on to WCOnline and click on the appointment you’ve made. Click the “Start or Join Online Consultation” link; it may take a few moments to load. 
3. Two little boxes in the top left of the page will apear, one with your face and one with that of the tutor. Controls for muting sound and closing the camera are right beneath your box.
4. The big, middle module in the page is where you will upload or copy and paste the paper you want to work on. 
5. To the right is a chat where the Writing Assistant will leave written feedback during your appointment. You will be able to access these comments later by clicking on the original “Start or Join Consultation” link. 

The Writing Center locations open on Wednesday, September 13th!!!

If you're looking for an appointment on a day that all sessions are booked, check out WCOnline's waitlist feature! Click the clock icon in the left corner of the box with the day's date and fill out the requested information to sign up for waitlist notifications via email.

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