Mathematics & Computer Science

The Department of Mathematics and Computer Science offers an introduction to the concepts, structures, and techniques of the different fields of mathematics and computer science. It is the philosophy of the department that all students of the mathematical sciences should have an understanding of and appreciation for the theoretical aspects of both fields as well as their far-reaching applications.

The skills of analytic thinking and logical argument combined with the ability to communicate successfully provide the fundamentals of a good liberal arts education. Mathematics and computer science are generally considered essential for persons interested in the natural and social sciences. A Mathematics or Computer Science major will be well prepared for graduate study, secondary school teaching, or employment in government or industry. Professional opportunities are available in all analytically oriented fields. The departmental computer facilities are located in a computer lab and classrooms on the third floor of Olin Hall. Numerous dual-boot computers running both Mac OS and Windows are available for student use. Additionally, the College has various PC and Mac labs throughout the campus.

Name Title Phone
Michael Hvidsten Professor and Chair 507-933-7480 web
Max Hailperin Professor 507-933-7466 web
Tom LoFaro Clifford M. Swanson Professor of Mathematics 507-933-7463 web
Terry Morrison Professor 507-933-7009 web
Ron Rietz Professor 507-933-7007
Baili Chen Associate Professor 507-933-7478 web
San Skulrattanakulchai Associate Professor 507-933-7654 and 507-933-7483 web
Marian Frazier Assistant Professor 507-933-7634
Louis Yu Assistant Professor and Assistant Professor of Computer Science 507-933-7473 web
Aaron Nienow Adjunct Instructor and Technology Coordinator 507-933-7464 web
Laura Boehm Vock
Jeff Engelhardt ’93 507-933-7479 web
Jacob Siehler
Stacie Miller Administrative Assistant 507-933-7483
Jeff Rosoff Professor 507-933-7476 web
Milt Brostrom ’49 Professor Emeritus
Carolyn Dobler Professor Emeritus web
Stephen Hilding ’58 Professor Emeritus
John Holte Professor Emeritus web
Samiha Ibrahim Professor Emeritus
Karl Knight Professor Emeritus web