Political Science

The Department of Political Science helps students develop an understanding of political processes, political institutions, and the issues and problems that politics tries to manage. The Department also teaches students skills of analysis, research, and evaluation so that they can become more informed citizens. Students, therefore, may be interested in taking political science courses as part of their liberal arts education, and particularly for gaining experience in evaluating political issues, formulating personal or group political action, participating in social change movements, or becoming involved in the formal political process.

Careers in law, government service, journalism, teaching, politics, and public administration are directly related to training in political science; but the Department stresses an approach to studying politics that provides anyone with the skills and knowledge to be an informed, active citizen or political participant.

Majors in Political Science are encouraged to study abroad and the department allows appropriate coursework from approved international programs to apply toward the major. See available programs at http://gustavus.studioabroad.com/.

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