Sociology & Anthropology

Courses in the Department are designed to facilitate an understanding and appreciation of social and cultural life, its order, its functions, its evolution, some of its major problems, as well as foster an understanding and appreciation of the ways of organizing information in the social sciences.

Students who major in sociology and anthropology may qualify for and are encouraged to pursue graduate studies in sociology, anthropology, human services, criminal justice, law, or related fields, leading to careers in teaching, sociocultural research, health care, federal, state and local agencies, group work, community organization and law.

Name Title Phone
John Cha Associate Professor and Co-Chair 507-933-6167
Elizabeth Jenner Associate Professor and Co-Chair 507-933-7427
Patric Giesler Associate Professor 507-933-7430
Suzanne Wilson Associate Professor 507-933-7426
Annika Ericksen Assistant Professor 507-933-7428
Naomi Hansen Visiting Assistant Professor 507-933-7425
Carol Prindle Visiting Assistant Professor 507-933-7430
Rosemarie Mwaipopo Additional Appointment - Stipend 507-933-7424
Richard Hilbert Professor Emeritus