Sociology & Anthropology

Department Features
  • Opportunities for research and study abroad
  • Close interaction with faculty
  • Opportunities for academic assistantships 
  • Preparation for your future in: 
    • Graduate studies in various fields
    • Law school
    • Teaching
    • Criminal justice
    • Public service organizations
    • Government
    • Social Work
    • Healthcare policy
    • Non-profits
    • Human resources


  • Curriculum combines sociological and anthropological thinking
  • Courses on social movements, health and healing, global interdependence, religion, family, and social justice.
  • Areas of academic emphasis include the study of inequality and social problems 
  • Learn more about the requirements for the B.A in Sociology/Anthropology

Sociology/Anthropology majors become skilled in: 

Research and Data Analysis
Learning both qualitative and quantitative reserach methods to rrecognize trends and produce social statsistics

Converying ideas effectively in both writing and oral presentations

Critical Thinking
Looking beyond the surface of issues to discover the "why" by using developed analytical skills

Global Perspectives
Education around different cultures and how to analyze the interactions of groups and societies