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Shaping Social Perspectives

The world needs people passionate and capable to work on challenging social problems. Studying Sociology and Anthropology prepares you with experience and knowledge to help improve global challenges. The field of Anthropology studies human life and experience and the field of Sociology examines how humans interact with each other, from families to geopolitical or religious conflicts.

At Gustavus, Sociology and Anthropology are united to study societal issues on a local, regional, national, and global scale. You will use the strengths of both disciplines to understand the context of problems in industrial and non-industrial countries. You will also understand how larger forces like economic and political systems shape a society. The Department fosters open-mindedness, respect, and curiosity for people and cultures worldwide to help you understand issues of inequality, resistance, and conflict.

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A Supportive Place to Tackle Big Challenges

By studying Sociology and Anthropology at Gustavus Adolphus you benefit from gaining context to global problems in an encouraging community. Located in St. Peter, Minnesota, the beautiful Gustavus Adolphus campus is a fun place to build close-knit relationships with proximity to big-city cultural activities and internships. You're minutes away from medium-sized Mankato and an hour from the dynamic Twin Cities of Minneapolis and St. Paul. In addition, the Sociology and Anthropology Department is a diverse community filled with many BIPOC and first-generation college students who are grounding their learning through their culturally rich lived experiences.

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Majors, Minors, and Related Programs

Your courses will embed a study of theory and history into today's conflicts worldwide using data analytics, literature, and conversation. To understand societal forces, you will develop skills essential to research in Sociology and Anthropology, like interviewing, data collection, and interpretation. With a tight-knit cohort, and the flexibility to add a second major or a minor, you will learn alongside students committed to a more sustainable and equitable world.

Opportunities in Sociology and Anthropology

Learning That Crosses Time and Spans the Globe

Applications of Sociology and Anthropology extend far beyond the classroom. Whether through studying abroad, engaging in fieldwork, or learning about global events, you are encouraged to explore your learning potential and expand your understanding of concepts beyond the confines of the classroom. By being exposed to diverse cultures, perspectives, and social contexts you develop a deeper understanding of the world.

Explore Opportunities in Sociology and Anthropology

  • Study Away — Studying in another country, such as India, Nepal, and Colombia, fosters a global perspective and enhances your understanding of sociological and anthropological concepts leading to transformative and enriching experiences.
  • Research — Research is an integral part of the Sociology and Anthropology program as you explore significant social issues while gaining career-oriented skills.
  • Internships and Career Preparation — Combine your academic learning with an internship experience and further career preparation through the support of your faculty and the Center for Career Development staff.
  • Department and Campus Events — There are numerous awareness-raising events during the year that enhance the educational experience and help you develop a broader perspective on various aspects of society and the world.
  • Student Honor Societies — The Department supports two academic honor societies, Lambda Alpha Anthropology Honor Society and Alpha Kappa Delta Sociology Honor Society.


The students and faculty in Sociology and Anthropology are engaged learners who lead change in their communities with curiosity, open-mindedness, and respect.

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Carter Bach ’25

Carter Bach ’25

Sociology & Anthropology Major

“In many courses, part of the learning process is sharing personal experiences that have relevance to the topic at hand.” Coming to Gustavus intending to become a Business Major, Carter quickly realized that this was not his path and decided to take courses in other departments. After taking intro classes within the Sociology & Anthropology […]

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Join the Sociology and Anthropology program at Gustavus to be part of a larger community concerned about global issues. The flexibility and interconnectedness of the program lets you add a second major or minor and be involved across campus in student organizations, athletics, and fine arts. Through your course work and other involvements on campus you will leave equipped with knowledge, skills, and a broader perspective that can benefit you personally, academically, and professionally.

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