OpportunitiesDepartment of Sociology and Anthropology

The opportunities for learning in Sociology and Anthropology at Gustavus extend far beyond the classroom. Explore the many ways to become equipped with the knowledge, skills, and cultural competence necessary to navigate an increasingly interconnected and diverse world.

Discover the Opportunities with Sociology and Anthropology

  • Study Away Studying in another country deepens your understanding of concepts you are studying, develops intercultural competence, and broadens your perspectives on social issues and cultural diversity. You can explore diverse destinations such as India, Nepal, Colombia, and more through semester-long or January-term study abroad programs. The faculty collaborate with you to identify the most suitable study abroad opportunities that align with your academic and personal interests.

  • Research Research is woven into several classes and culminates with a senior research seminar. In addition you can do independent research outside of class or in the summer. Research projects address important social issues such as support of refugees from Tibet or gender and immigration in the United States. During the work you will engage with community partners and learn from professionals in the field. You will learn skills such as research methods, data collection, analysis, and critical thinking. They learn how to design projects, conduct fieldwork, collect and interpret data, and communicate your findings in a coherent and meaningful way.

  • Internship Opportunities and Career Preparation Internships provide you with practical work experience that complements your academic studies. Through internships, you can explore potential career paths, gain industry-specific insights, and develop valuable professional networks. The Center for Career Development staff is available to help you with resume and cover letter preparation, interview skills, and networking strategies. Faculty also facilitate connections with alumni who can offer mentorship and career guidance.

  • Department and Campus Events The Sociology and Anthropology Department is actively organizing and promoting events throughout the year. This includes monthly screenings of films related to current news. There are guest lectures by scholars, activists, and artists; panel discussions; workshops; and cultural celebrations throughout the year related to African history, women's history, Asian-American history, and Indigenous history. Such activities contribute to a vibrant and intellectually stimulating environment where students can broaden their horizons, challenge their perspectives, and engage with important social, cultural, and global issues.

  • Student Honor Societies

    • Alpha Kappa Delta Sociology Honor Society was founded in 1928 as the international honor society in Sociology and has many chapters around the world. The local AKD chapter, Kappa of Minnesota, was established in 1995 and is committed to the ideals of scholarship as a means to serve humanity. Students in AKD travel to sociology conferences, engage in peer tutoring for all departmental students, and a number of other endeavors.
    • Lambda Alpha Anthropology Honor Society was founded in 1968 to promote and recognize superior scholarship in anthropology. It provides students a better understanding and appreciation of anthropology as an academic discipline and a forum of applied learning for the benefit of all peoples. The name Lambda Alpha is composed of the initial letters of the Greek words LOGOS ANTHROPOU, meaning "The Study of Humans."