Economics & Management

The Department aims to provide a broad understanding of the functioning of our economic system and the organization and operation of business enterprise within the system, as well as to stimulate an analytical approach for evaluating and determining economic policy.

The program of courses is designed not only to provide a strong foundation for graduate study, but also the basic economic and business fundamentals needed for direct employment in business upon graduation, and for teaching business subjects in the secondary schools.

The Department encourages its majors and minors to study or work abroad to gain international awareness and experience. For example, the Denmark International Studies (DIS) Program in Copenhagen, the Gustavus-Murdoch Exchange Program in Perth, Western Australia, the Kansai Gaidai Program in Japan, and an economics program in Uppsala, Sweden offer courses acceptable for major or minor credit at Gustavus. Students should talk to their advisors early in their studies about international programs and internships.

Pictured from left: Paul Estenson, Kathy Lund Dean, Kathi Tunheim, Russ Michaletz, Bruce Smith, Larry Wohl, Laura Bowyer, Sheng Yang, Bruce Johnson, Marta Podemska-Mikluch, Jane Chouanard, Sonny Jirik, Jeff Owen. Missing from the picture are Kristian Braekkan, Mercy Palamuleni, and Rita Ray. 

General Catalog

The Gustavus General Catalog is available online to allow you to check current information about Gustavus major, minors, and courses. You may also view information pertaining directly to Economics & Management.

Name Title Phone Web
Jeff Owen ’92 Associate Professor (Chair) 507-933-7420
Kathy Lund Dean Board of Trustees Distinguished Professor of Leadership and Ethics 507-933-7407
Larry Wohl Professor 507-933-7453
Paul Estenson Associate Professor 507-933-7408 web
Kathi Tunheim Associate Professor and Board of Trustees Endowed Chair in Management and Leadership 507-933-7409
Sheng Yang Associate Professor 507-933-7014
Laura Bowyer Assistant Professor 507-933-7299
Kristian Braekkan Assistant Professor 507-933-7406
Marta Podemska-Mikluch Assistant Professor 507-933-6120
Rita Ray Assistant Professor 507-933-6273
Bruce Smith Adjunct Associate Professor 507-933-7436
Wei Fu Visiting Assistant Professor 507-933-6141
Sonny Jirik Visiting Assistant Professor 507-933-7410
Russ Michaletz ’74 Visiting Assistant Professor 507-933-7068
Mercy Palamuleni Visiting Assistant Professor 507-933-7405
Li Sun Visiting Assistant Professor 507-933-7011
Jane Chouanard Administrative Assistant 507-933-7414
John Bungum Professor Emeritus
Bruce Johnson Professor Emeritus
Ellis Jones ’52 Professor Emeritus
Clair McRostie ’52 Professor Emeritus
Ellery Peterson ’49 Professor Emeritus