Department of English

Courses in the Department of English seek to acquaint the student with historical and current developments in language and literature, to foster a sense of literary values, and to develop the student’s competence as a writer.

The English Department courses are numbered to indicate approximate level of difficulty and subject area. The department encourages most students to begin their work in the department in Level I courses. The type of writing and reading assignments that will be emphasized are indicated in the individual course descriptions. Students enrolling in Level III courses (those numbered 300 and above) must first have completed ENG-102 or ENG-201 and one survey course from the following: 

  • ENG-116 or ENG-117
  • ENG-121 or ENG-122

Majors in English are encouraged to study abroad, and the department allows appropriate coursework from approved international programs to apply toward the major.

Sun Hee LeeAssociate Professor and Co-Chair507-213-7960
Eric VroomanDirector of the Writing Center and Continuing Assistant Professor507-933-7395
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Philip Bryant ’73Professor507-933-7393web
Rebecca FremoProfessor507-933-7392web
Elizabeth KubekProfessor507-933-7541
Florence AmamotoAssociate Professor507-933-7399
Sean CobbAssociate Professor507-933-6085
Robert KendrickAssociate Professor507-933-6090
So Young ParkAssociate Professor507-933-7398
Matt Rasmussen ’98Assistant Professor507-933-6052
Vera FoleyVisiting Assistant Professor507-933-6087
Nissa ParmarVisiting Assistant Professor507-933-6080
Jenny TollefsonAdministrative Assistant507-933-7391
Joyce Sutphenweb
Ann BradyProfessor Emerita
Deborah Downs-MiersProfessor Emeritaweb
Claude BrewProfessor Emeritusweb
Claus BuechmannProfessor Emeritusweb
Gregory MasonProfessor Emeritusweb
Larry OwenProfessor Emeritus