Room Selection Process

Incoming/new students - please visit our Incoming/New Student Housing page for information about your housing process. 

Returning students - Room Selection information for 2021-2022 will be available in February!

Returning student room selection occurs in the Spring for Fall Housing Assignments, and is a simple process through our housing portal ( Apply for the type of housing you want, mutually match with your desired roommates, and then in you will get a group Room Selection date and time for the housing type(s) requested within a day of the selection date. 

Step 1 - Submit your Housing Agreement 

  • In the Housing Portal (, under the Applications tab, choose Housing Agreement (Required). Review the College Housing Agreement, Sign, and Continue.
  • You will be taken to a Personal Information question section, where the first question is crucial!: Which type of housing (room type) will you be applying for: Crossroads, 4-person unit, 3-person unit, Double, Single. Research these options before submitting - this opens up that room type application for you to complete (under the tab), and designates your Room Selection. If you need to change your response, you’ll need to cancel your room-type application and re-submit your housing agreement, and might find a delay in roommate matching.

Step 2 - Submit a specific housing (room-type) agreement/application

After you have submitted your Housing Agreement, go back under Applications and review and sign/submit for a specific Room Type (Single, Double, Triple, Four-Person). After that is submitted, you will be in a roommate pool for that room type and will be able to match with roommates under Room Selection --> Roommates/Suitemates.


  • ILS House applications will be due March 5, 2021.
  • Crossroads Community (International Center) applications will be available in the housing portal after submitting your Housing Agreement and are due March 5, 2021.
  • Swedish House applications will be available via web form and due March 5, 2021.
  • Off-campus housing applications are due March 5, 2021. Any student who does not meet a qualifier for release is requesting to be added to the wait-list: you must also complete all steps below if you do not meet one of the automatic qualifiers.
  • Housing Accommodation request form and documentation paperwork were due March 12, 2021 for fullest ability to meet accommodation needs.

All other room-type applications (Single - if available), Double, Triple, Four-Person) will be due March 22, 2021 (housing agreement must be completed first - it will ask what specific room-type application you are requesting be made available to you). 

Step 3 - pay your $500 fall registration and make sure there are no holds on your student account

  • Please contact the Student Accounts office if you need more information about this payment/your student account.
  • Note: This is NOT a housing fee. This is the course registration deposit you pay each spring that indicates your intention to return to Gustavus in the fall

Step 4 – Assemble Group and Roommate Matching

  • Deadline: March 31, 2021 (those applicants selected for Crossroads Community and ILS Houses will receive separate instructions about application/room selection deadlines).
  • After submitting the Housing Application, students should log into their Housing Portal, go to Room Selection tab, and choose Roommates/Suitemates and assemble in groups depending on desired housing type. You will only be able to search for roommates who have submitted for the same housing type. Don’t wait to match - start talking to your friends/peers about next year and go to the housing portal to search for and request roommates. All roommate groups/pairs must be finalized in advance of the room selection, if you do not have a fully-matched roommate group that matches the housing type you are requesting (if you only have 2 mutually matched roommates, you will not be able to select a four-person unit, and will forfeit your assigned time slot).
  • Update your roommate profile - it must be set to Display My Information to be searchable for roommate matching. Once you have a matched roommate pair/group, please set your profile to Do NOT display me so your information is set to private and you do not continue to come up in roommate searches of those still looking for a roommate.

Step 5 – Make your plan!

  • Review all the housing options for your roommate groups (four, three, or two-person units). Be realistic in your planning -- four-person apartments and triples will be selected primarily by rising Seniors, those who will be Sophomores next year should research your options for double rooms.
  • Confirm your class year as well - time slots are assigned by a random ranking by class year (so in your profile, if it says '23 next to your name, you will be ranked with all students in the class of 2023). Connect with the Registrar's office if you believe your displayed class year does not reflect your credits. Residential Life cannot alter your designated class year.
  • You can view photos and detailed floor plans on the Residential Life web page:
Please feel free to contact our office via email ( or using Google Chat!
    • Weekdays: 8:30am-4:30pm
    • Make sure you are signed into your GusMail account.
    • Visit
    • Search for and send him a message.
    • He'll respond to your Room Selection questions as soon as possible!

Step 6 – Receive your room selection time slot/Room Selection:

See full timeline for opening dates for each housing type (as well as notification dates for special housing applicants).

  • Your roommate group/pairing will be assigned a time slot (posted to the housing portal) at least one day before the room selection for the type of housing that you applied to select. At your allotted date and time between 5pm-10pm, you (or any one of your paired roommates/roommate group) will have three minutes to select and confirm a housing selection for your group until the next time slot opens.
  • You must fill the entire room/apartment with a fully mutually-matched roommate group at this time. Groups that do not meet the required group size will not be able to select spaces they cannot fully fill (a set of three matched roommates cannot select a four-person unit). If all available housing units of that type get filled, you will have time before the next selection type to regroup your roommate pairings as needed and receive a new selection date/time (or once all posted units are filled, you will be placed in a housing assignment over the summer).

If you have questions, please contact the Residential Life office: in person the lower level Jackson Campus Center 105, via e-mail at, or by phone at 507-933-7529.

Housing Types

Room Selection - Housing/Room Types

Apartments, Suites & Quads

Four-Person Apartments and Suites

Four-person units are available in Arbor View Apartments, Chapel View Townhomes, College View Apartments, Southwest Hall suites, Southwest Hall apartments, and Uhler Hall Quads.

  • College View apartments, Arbor View apartments and Southwest apartments are designed as four-person units consisting of two double bedrooms.
  • Chapel View Townhomes consist of four single bedrooms per unit.
  • Southwest Suites consist of four single rooms around a common living space (no full kitchen). At the time a Southwest Suite is selected, the individual room assignment of each student must be indicated (i.e. 216A, 216B, 216C, 216D).
  • Uhler Quads: A limited number of four-person units are available in Uhler Hall, requiring four students of the same gender.
  • The housing available in the Arbor View Apartments, Chapel View Townhomes, College View Apartments, and Southwest Hall are open to any 4-person roommate group regardless of gender/gender identity. Groups attempting to select a four-person unit must have all mutually matched in the Roommates/Suitemates section.

Groups attempting to select a four-person unit MUST have matched in the housing portal with the correct number of roommates. Groups selecting for four-person units will receive a selection time slot in order of seniority (randomly assigned by class year) - with seniors having the highest numbers. Example: Groups of four seniors have priority over a group of four juniors, etc.

You can view floor plans and photos on the Residential Life web page at:



Triples (three-person units) are available in Uhler Hall, and 1-2 units may be available in Rundstrom Hall.

Triples require three students of the same gender. Full groups (matched roommate groups - via your housing portal) are required to be able to select a triple. Use the Room Selection Tab in your housing portal to search for Roommates/Suitemates (search by first or last name, or by email). You can also search by a number of other criteria per your preferences.

You can view floor plans and photos on the Residential Life web page at:


Single rooms

A very limited number of single rooms may be available in Gibbs or Southwest Halls. The Southwest 'singles' are individual bedrooms in suite-style spaces with shared bathrooms but will NOT be selected as suites. The number of available singles is impacted by the needs for special housing accommodations, so these might not be an option during room selection.

You can view floor plans and photos on the Residential Life web page at:


Double rooms

Doubles/two-person require two students of the same gender. Available in the following buildings:

Your roommate pairing must be confirmed in your housing portal before you will be able to select a room. Use the Room Selection Tab in your housing portal to search for Roommates/Suitemates (search by first or last name, or by email). You can also search by a number of other criteria per your preferences.

You can view floor plans and photos on the Residential Life web page at:

Off-Campus Housing

Though Gustavus is a fully residential institution, a very small number of students may be granted permission to live off-campus because of automatic qualifiers in our residency policy.

Please review the Off-Campus Housing Process for more information. 

The off-campus application deadline for 2021-2022 is March 5, 2021, via the application in the housing portal. Those who do not meet one of the automatic qualifiers for off-campus housing are applying only to be wait-listed. The wait list is only activated if all on-campus housing for the following academic year is filled by incoming and returning students, so off-campus applicants must participate in the full room selection process and find out over the summer if there is an option to be released for off-campus housing.

Studying Abroad, Student Teaching or Internship away from campus

  • Those who will be studying abroad or on off-campus college programs in the Spring of the following academic year (including student teaching or having an internship away from St.Peter) must participate in room selection for the Fall that they be on campus. 
  • Those requesting to be released from campus for Student Teaching or an off-campus internship in the Fall should apply/notify via the Off Campus Housing Application (requests will be verified with the appropriate departments).
  • Those who will be away for the Fall semester should not select a room (or you will be charged for that housing!), but rather will be contacted in January/Spring about their returning housing options. If you know of someone abroad in the Spring where the group would like you to take that space when you return, you can notify Residential Life at
  • Those students who wish to apply to live off-campus upon their return to Gustavus for January Interim or Spring Semester must participate in the off-campus application process described previously.

Gender and Housing

  • The housing available in the Arbor View Apartments, Chapel View Townhomes, College View Apartments, and Southwest Suites/Apartments chosen during 4-person room selection are open to any 4-person roommate group regardless of gender/gender identity. Groups attempting to select a four-person unit must have all mutually matched in the Roommates/Suitemates section. Selection time slots are based on group ranking by class year.
  • Those who identify as transgender or non-binary who wish to discuss housing options can contact the Residential Life office any time - we will find the most reasonable and comfortable housing situation for the individual, regardless of the identifying gender of potential roommates.

Intentional Learning and Service Housing Options

  • Crossroads Community Selection Process
    • Crossroads Community housing is available in the International Center, and has a separate housing application through the housing portal. Applications are due March 5, 2021.
  • ILS Core Value Houses
    • ILS Core Value Houses have a separate housing application process. Applications are due March 5, 2021.
  • Swedish House
    • The Swedish House is an ILS program that can house 10 residents in a "house" connected to the Carlson International Center. Information about the house can be obtained by contacting Dr. Glenn Kranking at The application is available via web form here; due March 5, 2021.

International Student/Transfer Roommates

Students who are interested in living with international or transfer students who are new to the campus for fall semester should indicate their interest to Residential Life. You will be contacted by Residential Life if there is an available pairing.