The Crossroads Program

Crossroads brings together international and domestic students with a passion and curiosity for language and culture. These students elect to live in the intentional learning community of Carlson International Center. Crossroads members work to understand themselves and the world by exploring global issues and creating programming to educate the entire campus community.

Crossroads/International Center Applications are Available Now!.
Applications Due March 9, 2016.  





Chinese rocket lights up skies over Utah and California

People in the US have filmed a Chinese rocket body streaking across the sky over Utah and California.

Gonzalo Higuain: Juventus striker aims to prove value after £75.3m transfer

Juventus striker Gonzalo Higuain says he wants to prove his value to the club after his £75.3m transfer from Napoli.

Spain election: Rajoy asked to form government by King Felipe

The King of Spain asks acting Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy to try to form a new government after the second inconclusive election in six months.

Amazon boss becomes world's third richest man

Strong earnings from Amazon and a boost to the company's stock make its founder, Jeff Bezos, the world's third richest man, according to Forbes.

Trump on Russia hacking: Just kidding

Donald Trump said Thursday morning that he was only kidding when he appeared to encourage Russian intelligence agencies to find Hillary Clinton's thousands of deleted emails.

J.K. Rowling slams web site using her image

J.K. Rowling denounced a web site that is using her name and image to pitch a workshop that promises best-seller success.

People in besieged Aleppo get a chance to flee

Syrian and Russian forces are to open humanitarian corridors for people to flee the besieged city of Aleppo, both countries' state media reported Thursday, the day after Syria's army announced it had encircled the city and cut off rebel supply routes.

Germany's Merkel stands by refugee policy

German Chancellor Angela Merkel on Thursday described recent attacks in the country and across Europe as "shocking, depressing and terrifying," but she refused to back down from an open-door refugee policy that has attracted fierce criticism following recent assaults in the country.