The Crossroads Program

Crossroads brings together international and domestic students with a passion and curiosity for language and culture. These students elect to live in the intentional learning community of Carlson International Center. Crossroads members work to understand themselves and the world by exploring global issues and creating programming to educate the entire campus community.

Crossroads/International Center Applications for 2019-2020 will be available via the online Housing Portal in February (application deadline is March 8, 2019). Room Draw timelines and information are available here.




In pictures: Easter celebrated around the world

Christians gather to celebrate Easter when they believe Jesus Christ returned from the dead.

Columbine survivors mark twentieth anniversary of massacre

Two teenagers shot 12 students and a teacher in one of America's worst school shootings.

Ukraine election: Voters to choose between comic and tycoon

A TV comedian is bidding to dislodge the sitting president in a dramatic run-off election.

Avengers Endgame: The Marvel Cinematic Universe explained

Want to watch Avengers: Endgame but have no clue what's happening in the MCU? We're here to help.

Saudi sisters go public in plea for help: 'We are in danger'

Two Saudi sisters who planned their escape for almost five years and are now seeking asylum in the country of Georgia have revealed their identities in a plea for international help.

Couple could face death penalty over 'sea home'

An American bitcoin trader and his girlfriend could face the death penalty after they were accused of threatening Thailand's sovereignty by building and living in a "sea home" off the coast of Phuket.