The Crossroads Program


Crossroads brings together international and domestic students with a passion and curiosity for language and culture. These students elect to live in the intentional learning community of Carlson International Center. Crossroads members work to understand themselves and the world by exploring global issues and creating programming to educate the entire campus community.

Crossroads/International Center Applications for 2015-2016 are now avaliable! Click on the link "JOIN" on the left for more information and to get an application!

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Three die in Colorado clinic shooting

A shooting at a family planning clinic in Colorado Springs leaves two civilians and a police officer dead, with the suspected gunman in police custody.

Brazil to sue mining firm for $5.2bn

The Brazilian government says it will sue mining company Samarco $5.2bn for the environmental damage caused when a waste water dam collapsed.

Japan to resume whaling in Antarctic

Japan decides to resume hunting whales in the Antarctic after a break of more than a year despite a ruling by the International Court of Justice.

Official sacked for 'kicking' woman

The president of Paraguay fires the head of the country's indigenous affairs office after he kicks an indigenous woman.

The week in 43 photos

Take a look at 43 photos of the week from November 20 through November 26.

2 journalists charged with spying

Two prominent Turkish journalists have been arrested on charges of espionage and aiding an armed terrorist organization, according to a news report.