The International Center


Thank you for taking the time to act by gathering information about the process to live in the International Center!

Students who live in the International Center will:

  • Invest in understanding themselves, others, and the world
  • Collaborate on programs to educate the entire College
  • Connect to others around cultures, languages and world issues

The 2019-2020 International Center applications were due March 10, 2019 and are now closed. 

Online housing portal for Room Selection:

 International Center Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

When is Room Selection?
Room selection for International Center housing will take place on April 15. More info will be sent to you once you are accepted into the program.

Do I need to complete the application?
Yes! Any student interested in living in International Center must complete the application. We are looking for students who are seeking to contribute to an intercultural living community and review each application to create a diverse community. Applications will be available through the online housing portal and will be due March 8, 2019.

What if I already live in IC?
You must still complete the application. We review applications each spring for the upcoming academic year. Currently living in International Center does not guarantee your space for the following year.

Do I need to have a roommate?
You will receive information about roommate matching through the online housing portal. You will need to form a matched pair in order to participate in the International Center room selection.

I was accepted but my friend was not. Can they live with me?
No. Individuals accepted without a roommate will have the opportunity to connect with others accepted in order to find a roommate. All individuals wishing to be considered must complete an application.

What if I want to live in a single?
There are very few singles available in International Center. If you are able to select one of the few singles, you will still need a partner who has also been selected to live in IC. You and your partner will select single rooms in a suite-style setting.

Will I still be eligible for Room Selection after I select a room in International Center?
No, once you accept your space and select a room in International Center you will then be removed from any future Room Selection processes for the 2019-2020 academic year.

Is there an additional cost to living in International Center?
Yes, there is a surcharge of $485 per semester per person per semester for living in International Center. 

When do I have to make a final decision where I am living?
To be considered for the International Center, you must have submitted your application by March 8, 2019. If accepted, you must decide prior to the closing of the roommate matching process (April 8, 2019).

Questions about the International Center can be directed to Mandy Rae Fairbrother (