Gustavus Core Value Houses

Intentional Learning & Service Houses - Room Draw Information:

Gustavus has five houses located along 7th Street on the east side of campus, which are designated for occupancy by groups of four students. The Intentional Learning & Service housing program is intended to create opportunities for students who wish to live, learn and act in a themed or project-oriented environment. These college houses are furnished including basic kitchen appliances (i.e. refrigerator, stove and oven) and have partial custodial service. They are considered extensions of the residence hall system and all college policies apply.

2016-2017 ILS Core Value Houses

The Gustavus community is guided by five key institutional values. These values are rooted in our distinctive heritage and help to define our community. These values are Excellence, Community, Justice, Service and Faith (see more detailed information below).  The purpose and intent of the Intentional Learning & Service Houses is to align with the core values of Gustavus to create meaningful opportunities for service to the college and/or to the greater St. Peter community. The houses will consist of 4-6 Gustavus students who find a common interest in a special focus for the house (i.e. environmental issues, youth mentoring, cultural programs, etc). The house might serve as the entire program or project or may be a representative group of members of a larger organization that can use the house as a headquarters. Each house will choose a core value on which to base its project or purpose!



First among the College’s shared values is a commitment to high quality and excellence in all that we do. Commitment to excellence calls on all of us to achieve to the very best of our capabilities and exceed our own expectations. Our distinctive heritage demands nothing less than excellence.


Gustavus has always prized community. Civility, mutual respect, cooperation, shared governance, and a pervasive sense of concern for every member of the Gustavus community are hallmarks of the College. Freedom to express a broad range of ideas is central to our sense of community.


Our Swedish and Lutheran heritage lead us to hold up justice as a primary institutional value. We strive to be a just community in all of our actions and to educate our students for morally responsible lives. “Education for the common good” is our objective, and integrity must be one of our defining characteristics.


The College highly values service as an objective of life and education. We embrace the notion that authentic leadership expresses itself in service – the classical ideal of a truly liberating education. Education frees us to serve God and humanity to the best of our abilities.


Conviction that religious faith enriches and completes learning is the foundation of community, ethics, and service. We are compelled to excel in a divinely ordered world. Without expecting conformity, we encourage an honest exploration of religious faith and seek to foster a mature understanding of faith.

It is imperative that the ILS Houses are actively engaged in the life of the college. The house may serve as a headquarters for a larger organization or the four members of the house may represent the entirety of the program’s membership. Whatever form the house project/program takes, it must actively reach out to members of the Gustavus community to educate or engage in meaningful activity. If the house project chooses to partner with a local service organization, members will need to find ways to involve other Gusties. If the house project chooses an on-campus program or project, house members should find ways to reach out to and educate and/or involve fellow Gusties. Please see the application for more information about expectations regarding program/project outreach on campus.

Examples of ILS Core Value House projects/themes:

  • Sustainability/Environmental House
  • Social Change/Social Justice House
  • Youth Mentoring (working with children in the St.Peter community)
  • Multicultural/Diversity Awareness

Applications are now available for 2016-2017 ILS houses!