Intentional Learning & Service Houses

The Intentional Learning & Service (ILS) housing program is intended to create opportunities for students who wish to live, learn and act in a themed or project-oriented environment. The purpose and intent of the Intentional Learning & Service Houses is to align with the Gustavus Core Values to create meaningful opportunities for service to the college and/or the greater St. Peter community. The five houses (Walker, Adolphson, Sjostrom, Peterson, and 10-0-9) are located on the east side of campus and are designated for occupancy by groups of 4-6 students.

Projects & Themes

It is imperative that the ILS Projects are actively engaged in the life of the College. Project and themes should connect to at least one of the Gustavus Core Values. The house may serve as a headquarters for a larger organization or the members of the house may represent the entirety of the program’s membership. Whatever form the project takes, it must actively reach out to members of the Gustavus community to educate or engage in meaningful activity.

What makes a successful ILS house project?

  • Connection to the community (Gustavus or Greater Saint Peter Community)
  • Dedicated residents willing to put in work
  • Realistic goals and events

Application Process

2023-2024 ILS House Project Application - application will open December 1, 2022 and will be due February 10, 2023.

  • One member of each group (the Project Coordinator) fills out the ILS House Project Application
  • The application requires students to fill out a calendar of proposed events for the year and answer brief essay questions related to:
    • Project Connection to a Gustavus Core Value
    • Project Objectives
    • Project Goals & Outcomes
    • Teamwork of House Members
    • Funding
    • Collaboration with Others
  • Each student in the group must submit a Housing Agreement in the housing portal ( ILS house is a housing-type option that can be selected when completing that agreement. You do not need to do the roommate matching portion if you have applied for ILS, the review and selection process for ILS housing is otherwise done outside of the Housing Portal.

Application Review

  • Review panel will do an "anonymous-review” and scoring of the applications using a provided rubric
  • Scores will be totaled


  • The top-scoring four six-person groups and five four-person groups will be invited to take part in a 15-minute Q&A session
  • The Q&A session panel ask both general and project-specific questions to each group and score based a provided rubric

Offers and Housing Selection

  • The three top-scoring four-person groups and two top-scoring six-person groups will be offered spots in the ILS Houses via email to the house Project Coordinators
  • Groups that accept will be assigned their house-assignment (based on group size/project scope).

About the Houses

These College-owned houses are furnished with a bed, dresser, desk, desk chair, and closet space for each resident. They also include living room furniture (soft seating and coffee table) and basic kitchen appliances (refrigerator, stove, and oven). They are considered Residential Housing and all College policies apply. Gustavus parking permit required for red-permit spaces, City of Saint Peter permit required for street parking.


For questions related to the ILS Houses, contact Residential Life,