Recent Teaching and Learning Grant Recipients

Individual Mini Grants

Aaron Banks
Revisions to HES 304

Kristian Braekkan
Revision of EM/POL 351

Patricia Branstad
Villa Globa, The Next Generation

John Cha
Revisions to REL 355 Course

Eric Dugdale
Learning While Leading: Supporting Intercultural Development through Study Abroad

Sean Easton
Instructor Resources for Advanced Greek Student Participation

Mike Ferragamo
Crawfly Workshop

Rebecca Fremo
CBL and Digital Emphases

Yuta Kawarasaki
National Center for Case Study Teaching in Science

Jeff La Frenierre
SERC Early Career Geoscience Faculty Workshop

Martin Lang
Enhance Engagement through Intensive Roleplaying

Ursula Lindqvist
Revisions to SCA 330: Nordic Theater and Drama

Michele Rusinko
Resiliency and Writing

Dwight Stoll
Google Glass

Esther Wang
CIEE International Faculty Development Seminar

Department Mini Grants

Tusculanum Minnesotense

Curricular Revision

Communication Studies
Rhetorical Criticism

Curriculum Retreat

Department Writing Group

Department Workshop

Victor Yampolsk at Gustavus Symphony Orchestra in Fall 2014

Exploration of Community Based Learning in Alaska


Curriculum Development and Revitalization Grant

Bonnie Reiman and Aaron Banks
HES 100: Personal Fitness Class