Innovative Teaching Awards

Kendall Center

The John S. Kendall Center for Engaged Learning and the Provost’s Office would like to recognize faculty who are engaged in innovative teaching (e.g., new uses of instructional technology, new ways to engage students in the learning process, new approaches to student collaboration, or new methods for improving student learning outcomes) and to encourage the dissemination of effective practices by sharing promising innovations with faculty more broadly. Therefore, we offer 2 Innovative Teaching Awards -- one that recognizes innovations at the Course or Currcular level ($1000 prize) and a second that recognizes innovative Assignments ($500 prize).

The criteria for the Innovative Teaching Award include:
· Rationale for the development and use of the innovative teaching methods.
· Clearly articulated description of innovative teaching methods.
· Evidence that innovative teaching methods were effective.

Call for Nominations
Faculty members are encouraged to self-nominate, but nominations may also be submitted by colleagues and students. Completed nominations should not exceed 2 pages and should be emailed to The nomination should include the nominee’s name, department, and a narrative that clearly addresses the criteria above as well as the contact information for the nominator if difference from the nominee.

Nominations must be received by 5 pm on Friday, November 5, 2021.

For more information or questions, please contact Ruth Lin, Kendall Center Director.

2020-2021 Recipients

Innovations at the Course or Currcular level
Pam Connors for COM 220: Public Deliberation and Dialogue
In her nomination letter Pam outlined how her design of COM 220 advances the college's plan for "developing, expanding, and supportinging greater opportunities for... dialogue (Strategic Plan 2.1.2). Specifically, she explained how she helps students in this course research, design, facilitate, and assess dialogues across campus and in the broader community. We were impressed by her connection to the strategic plan, the reach this course has across campus and beyond, and her assessment data of the course. 

Innovative Assignments 
Mary Westby & Liz Drake for students across the Athletic Training program
In their nomination letter, Mary and Liz outlined how because of restrictions related to COVID-19 the athletic training students were unable to get their required in person clinical hours. Mary and Liz addressed this problem by adopting i-Human and conducting a virtual clinic in partnership with MSU Mankato Athletic Training program. The committee was impressed with the ways in which Mary and Liz were able to adapt quickly to a very difficult situation in a way that prioritized student success. 

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