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The Kendall Center’s "Teachers Talkings" are opportunities for faculty and staff to share information with colleagues that is relevant to teaching in its broadest form (e.g, advising, assessment, student support, etc.). Please email Patricia English-Schneider or Dan Moos if you are interested in leading a "Teachers Talking" session or have an idea for a session you would like someone else to lead. All ideas are welcomed and encouraged!

11:30 to 12:20 p.m. and 12:30 p.m. to 1:20 p.m.  FLYER
Three Crowns Buffet, free lunch then meet in St Peter/Heritage Room

Fall 2021

Friday, September 17th 
Facilitating Small Group Discussions

Monday, September 27th 
Integrating Technology in the Classroom

Friday, October 15th 
Teaching the Challenge Seminar
Challenge seminars provide “students an opportunity to collaboratively examine and propose responses to enduring and contemporary questions or challenges from an interdisciplinary perspective.” Join faculty in discussing the process, challenges and rewards they experienced in proposing, planning and/or teaching pilots of these seminars. Valerie Walker and Seán Easton will share their experiences proposing and planning their Challenge Seminars. Valerie will pilot “Climate Change and Environmental Education for Kids,” as a J-term course and Seán will pilot “Ancient Peace and Conflict: Troy to Constantinople.’Tom LoFaro will share his experiences co-teaching a Challenge Seminar pilot, “Planning for Nobel”, with Karl Larson in the fall 2020 semester. Faculty are welcome to contact panelists in advance with questions. 

Friday, October 29th 
DEI as the Foundation of your Pedagogy #1
You know how, when you get access letters from the ASC (Accessibility Services Coordinator) or an email from Pam, the MIPC (Multilingual and Intercultural Program Coordinator), you start thinking about how you will need to change things in your courses? Well, we’d like to flip that script: what if your courses were already accessible? That’s the idea behind this Teachers Talking: using access and equity principles as the basis for how you design and deliver your courses and labs, making what you offer to students accessible to most, and thus requiring zero changes from you, regardless of letters you get from the ASC/MIPC. We assure you: even if you don’t realize it, your access and equity choices positively impact all Gusties, making learning (rather than access) the thing your students can focus on, and making you an overall better educator. We look forward to working with you during this TT! 

Friday, November 12th
Advising for Studay Away 
Study away, an important part of about half of all Gusties' education, takes careful planning. This session will look at strategies and resources for advising students about their study away options and will invite participants to discuss their own approaches to encouraging students to study away.

Monday, November 29th
Supporting Student & Faculty Mental Health in the Classroom
Hannah Godbout (Director in Counseling Center) will facilitate a discussion on supporting students with mental health concerns during an ongoing pandemic and providing a space for them to develop resilience….all while taking care of yourself!

Spring 2022

Monday, February 7th 
Integrating Research and Teaching (Pamela Conners) 

Friday, February 25th
Community Engaged Learning (Martin Lang)

Friday, March 11th
DEI As the Foundations of your Pedagogy #2

Friday, April 1st
Assessment (Sarah Ruble)

Friday, April 8th
Topic: Nobel Conference (Lisa Heldke, A. Marie Walker, and Angelique Dwyer)

Friday, April 22nd
Writing and feedback (Nissa Parmer)and (Eric Vrooman)


Teachers Talking Past Sessions:

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