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The Kendall Center’s "Teachers Talkings" are opportunities for faculty and staff to share information with colleagues that is relevant to teaching in its broadest form (e.g, advising, assessment, student support, etc.). We will be moving to an online format for Teachers Talking in Fall 2020 and would love input on what you would like to learn more about or have the opportunity to discuss with colleagues in this format. Please email Hayley Russell (hrussell@gustavus.edu) if you are interested in leading a "Teachers Talking" session in the Fall of 2020 or have an idea for a session you would like someone else to lead. All ideas are welcomed and encouraged!

Asynchronous content will be shared on Moodle by the Teachers Talking presenters and there will be two synchronous online sessions to discuss the topic with the presenters and colleagues

Thursday, September 10, 2020

The first Teachers Talking of the year will be on "Demystifying the Course Approval Process" presented by Dean Valerie Banschbach, Kate Knutson, and Hayley Russell. This session will include asynchronous videos on the course submission process, J-Term, and the CAPSUB review process and synchronous discussion via Zoom on Thursday, September 10 11:30-12:20 and Friday, September 11 10:30-11:20. Information to join the synchronous sessions will be available on Moodle.

Tuesday, September 22 at 3:00-3:50 pm or Friday, September 25 9:00 - 9:50 am
Teachers Talking on Nobel 2020
Are you trying to figure out how to best incorporate the Nobel Conference into your classes this fall and beyond? Are you curious about what the 2020 Nobel Conference will really look like now that we don't have a thousand visitors coming to campus? Join 2020 Nobel Conference co-chairs Laura Burrack and Dwight Stoll as well as the Nobel Conference director Lisa Heldke for a discussion of how the virtual conference content can synergize with your teaching. Information about Nobel 2020 is linked through the Teachers Talking Moodle page.
Zoom link: https://hellogustavus.zoom.us/j/82733654216?pwd=SHlURGNLUE5jOEIvaUtCTzBzVjk2QT09

Teaching Discussions
Monday, September 28 – 9am
Wednesday, September 30 – 2:00pm
Thursday, October 1 – 8:30am

Throughout this term we are delivering our course content and connecting with our students in all different ways – in person, online, hybrid, or with some students in person and others online. Join colleagues at one of the following times for informal discussions of the multiple ways we are teaching, what's working and what's not and how we can support each other or problem solve together!
Zoom link: https://hellogustavus.zoom.us/j/83504186178?pwd=WXpvcldqdmJuTC9hdEltRld4N3hjUT09

Session 1: Thursday, October 8 3:00-3:50
Session 2: Friday, October 9 12- 12:50
How's the Writing (and Responding)?
Join Eric Vrooman (Writing Center) and Becky Fremo (Writing Across the Curriculum) as they share insider tips from the Writing Center tutors about how to provide useful feedback to your writers this semester. Bring your questions and share your experiences using various methods of feedback, including online comments, audio/video messages or screencasts, rubrics, or other methods. link for session 

Wednesday, October 14th from 10:30 to 11:20 AM
Would you like answers to your questions about the Challenge Curriculum before you meet with your advisees? Do you have questions about being an effective advisor at Gustavus? Check out resources available about the “Advising for the Challenge Curriculum” on Moodle and join Lauren Hecht (FTS director) and Tom McHugh (Academic Support Center) for a discussion of advising and the new curriculum.
zoom link: https://hellogustavus.zoom.us/j/82733654216?pwd=SHlURGNLUE5jOEIvaUtCTzBzVjk2QT09

Tuesday, October 27 - 2:30-3:20 and Wednesday, October 28 - 9:00-9:50
Teachers Talking - Academic Advising for Study Away
Presenters: Bryan Messerly, Matthew Hiram, and Tom McHugh
Study away, an important part of about half of all Gusties' education, takes careful planning. This session will look at strategies and resources for advising students about their study away options and will invite participants to discuss their own approaches to encouraging students to study away.
Zoom link: https://hellogustavus.zoom.us/j/82733654216?pwd=SHlURGNLUE5jOEIvaUtCTzBzVjk2QT09

Thursday, November 12: 3:30 - 4:20
Race at Gustavus Past and Present
Please join Drs. Phil Bryant and Sharon Marquart in this Teachers Talking on Race at Gustavus Past and Present.
This workshop draws from the institutional memory of Phil Bryant, who attended Gustavus as an undergraduate from 1969-1973 and has worked as a faculty member in the English Department since 1989, as well as extracts from Bruce Gray’s book Black and Gold about the history of race at Gustavus. We will seek to engage this history as a starting point so that the history of race at Gustavus can inform and help to shape our present conversations about race. (see Moodle for complete description)
Zoom link: https://hellogustavus.zoom.us/j/82733654216?pwd=SHlURGNLUE5jOEIvaUtCTzBzVjk2QT09

Thursday, November 17: 3:30-4:20 and Friday, November 20: 10:30-11:20
Student Belonging
We have been hearing from our students (particularly first year students) that some of them are lonely – struggling to meet people and make new friends during the Fall of 2020. Join Lauren Hecht, Charlie Potts, and Hayley Russell as we discuss the research on student belonging and strategies for increasing opportunities for student to connect with students in online and in person classrooms during COVID-19.
Zoom link: https://hellogustavus.zoom.us/j/82733654216?pwd=SHlURGNLUE5jOEIvaUtCTzBzVjk2QT09

Monday, November 30 10:30-11:20 and Monday, November 30 1:30-2:20
Gustavus Health Professions Podcast, Web Shadowers, and future Health Quest opportunities.
In our last Teachers Talking of 2020 Heather Banks and Heidi Selzler-Bahr, Career Specialists for the Health Professions plan to share some new initiatives for the 2020-2021 school year. We are all navigating new ways to deliver information due to COVID 19. Come learn about some of the new initiatives and share your ideas.
Zoom link: https://hellogustavus.zoom.us/j/82733654216?pwd=SHlURGNLUE5jOEIvaUtCTzBzVjk2QT09


Link to all spring Zoom meetings

Thursday, February 25 10:30-11:20
Friday, February 26 12:00-12:50

Curricular impacts on the academic success of multilingual students 
In this session, Pamela Pearson, Multilingual and Intercultural Program Coordinator, will examine the experiences of two undergraduate multilingual (MLL) writers. The first, longitudinal case study by second language writing expert Ruth Spack, who demonstrates the obstacles that “Yuko” encounters along her path to developing academic literacy and discipline-specific writing in English – including the formation of her identity as both writer and student at a liberal arts college. The second, first-hand account by Martha Muñoz, who shares her perspectives on the ways pedagogical practices impact her learning across the curriculum. Through discussing these two chapters, we will seek to (a) identify challenges MLL students face at Gustavus, and (b) generate ideas for supporting them across their journey to degree.

Thursday, March 11 11:30-12:20
Friday, March 12 11:30-12:20
An Introduction to Open Educational Resources (OER)
This session will serve as a primer on OER definitions, examples, and trends. Michelle Twait (Library) will provide an introduction to open educational resources, why they are being used at colleges and universities, and the potential for open educational resources to remove barriers to access.

Wednesday, March 24 11:20-12:20
Friday, March 26 11:30-12:20
Student Motivation
Motivation can be difficult to maintain over the course of the semester (for both instructors and students alike), which has only been made worse by the move to a predominantly online learning environment. Join Patrick Heath (Psychological Science) and Hayley Russell (HES) for a discussion about the basics of motivation and strategies to help keep students (and yourselves) motivated in our increasingly virtual world.

Wednesday, April 14, 2021: 11:30 and 12:30
Nobel 2021
The original vision for this Nobel Conference was “big data for social good” and our goal was to focus on the uses and potential applications of big data methods for social justice. And while this vision grew to include medicine and public health, it still captures the primary focus of the conference. We have speakers with wide-ranging interests: from machine learning and statistics to public health and the law. In this Teachers Talking, we will give a short introduction to the conference and the speakers but the focus will be on using this topic in the class. In particular, we will discuss our Nobel Conference course from last fall that also served as a Challenge Seminar pilot course and discuss how we taught a project-based course centered on Big Data and the Nobel Conference. Facilitators: Tom LoFaro & Karl Larson

Zoom link: https://hellogustavus.zoom.us/j/86528325714?pwd=eWtRdGZZNDNlcHQ5SFpjM3p6YVJBUT09

Teachers Talking Past Sessions:

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