Kendall Center Staff

Kyle Chambers Excellence in Teaching Faculty Associate

Kyle Chambers is the co-director of the Center for Developmental Science and the Cedar Valley CoLab. He enjoys studying and teaching about cognitive development across the lifespan. If he's not on…   (continue reading)

Kyle Chambers

Thia Cooper Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Faculty Associate

When I first arrived at Gustavus, I was struck by how few students and faculty of color I saw. I was also struck by how few of the students of color seemed to take my classes. As I spent time in the Diversity Center, and got to know more students of color, more students of color took my classes. In terms of electives, several students told me, they tried to only take those recommended by their friends. And one of the important recommendations was whether a professor was attentive to issues of diversity. I try to model inclusivity in terms of religion, race, gender, sexuality and I try to encourage the same in my students, but both can be difficult! I wanted to take on this role as faculty associate in order to think about how to improve our habits and structures to be more inclusive of diversity in all its forms.
Thia Cooper

Blake Couey Faculty Associate for Research, Scholarship, & Creativity

Professor Couey teaches in the area of Hebrew Bible. His courses include an introduction to the Bible and upper-level courses on prophets, women and gender in the Bible, and biblical conceptions of God…   (continue reading)

Blake Couey

Pamela Kittelson New Faculty Programming Faculty Associate

My work is driven by a simple curiosity in the processes and cycles that make life on this planet so unique. I love learning and teaching people about all organisms, not just humans. For example, I am…   (continue reading)

Pamela Kittelson

Cathy Blaukat Administrative Assistant

I grew up in Mankato, Minnesota and earned my Bachelor os Science degree in Psychology from Mankato State University, Mankato.  A few years later, while working as a graduate student,  I earned my Master's…   (continue reading)

Cathy Blaukat