Summer Workshops on Teaching and Learning

Summer Workshops are designed to bring faculty together from across the campus to generate ideas to enhance pedagogy, focus on particular issues vital to intellectual success, and develop better ways to engage students in collaborative learning endeavors.  Providing a concentrated time in the summer during which faculty can focus on these issues and collaborate on unique ways to address them has resulted in interesting outcomes at an individual level such as making changes in course work, and campus-wide community initiatives.

Let's Get that Article Published!

Ready to turn your paper into an article? Consider signing up for the KCEL Summer Article Workshop! Facilitated by Associate Professor of Religion Sarah Ruble, this workshop will help you turn your data or an existing manuscript into a publishable piece. Over the summer you will develop a feasible work plan for your scholarship and engage in activities that address the necessary components in the academic publishing process. By participating in the workshop, you will be on track to submit an article to an editor at a journal of your choice by the end of summer.

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Implicit Bias Workshop

Wednesday, June 1 at the Interpretive Center
As we welcome more underrepresented students into our classrooms and campus, including students of color, international students, students with disabilities and first generation students we face a variety of opportunities and challenges. This one day workshop on June 1st will address two of those specifically. 1. How can we meet the needs of our students pedagogically? Based on the excellent book Ensuring International Student Success in Higher Education, Thia Cooper will discuss strategies to ensure a variety of students engage in and improve their learning. 2. How can we understand and work to eliminate our implicit bias? Marie Walker will guide us through the first steps of this process. Participants will receive three books: Blindspot, which explores implicit bias; Intersectionality in Action: A Guide for Faculty and Campus Leaders for Creating Inclusive Classrooms and Institutions, which explores intersecting oppressions and how to eliminate them, and Ensuring International Student Success, which has excellent practical advice relevant to faculty teaching a wide variety of students, including how to scaffold lectures, create successful rubrics and revitalize classroom discussion.

Interested faculty should email Cathy Blaukat (cblaukat) to participate in this one day workshop.


Course Design Workshop

Are you planning to design a new course, redesign an existing one, or adapt a course that someone else has taught in the past? Does the job seem overwhelming or fraught with unforeseen perils? It doesn't have to be (really!).  Join us for a 4-day workshop that walks through a manageable approach to course design, using a set of tools designed by SERC (the Science Education Resource Center) to get your new or existing course on track.  This course design tool was originally developed for science instruction, but SERC has adapted it to be flexible and applicable to a variety of disciplines. Come with a few ideas or an existing syllabus and leave with a redesigned syllabus and a toolbox of approaches to get the course off the ground. Participants will receive a $400 stipend.   Julie Bartley, Facilitator.

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