Summer Workshops on Teaching and Learning

Summer Workshops are designed to bring faculty together from across the campus to generate ideas to enhance pedagogy, focus on particular issues vital to intellectual success, and develop better ways to engage students in collaborative learning endeavors. Providing a concentrated time in the summer during which faculty can focus on these issues and collaborate on unique ways to address them has resulted in interesting outcomes at an individual level such as making changes in course work, and campus-wide community initiatives.


Camp Kendall will be held in the second week of June (after the FTS training in the first week). All sessions will take place in the Interpretive Center in the Gustavus arboretum. Each participant will receive a stipend of $150 for a full day session and $100 for a half day. Lunch and refreshments will be provided, in addition to any books and materials. The article-writing workshop, which meets periodically through the summer, will include a stipend of $150.

Please contact Cathy Blaukat ( to sign up for a workshop. It will be first come, first serve. Individuals can enroll in more than one workshop so long as everyone has a chance to attend at least one of their choosing. Therefore, if you do wish to sign up for more than one, please indicate to Cathy your choices by preference.

Monday, June 10, 9 AM - 1 PM
Becoming a Career and Vocation Champion
Facilitated by Jill VanOsdol (Career Development)
This program is designed to equip faculty and staff so that they may better assist students with career and vocation questions or decision-making. We understand many of you are doing this work and having these conversations already. We want to provide the background, resources, and tools, so that you can be prepared and confident while assisting students. In this training, you will learn valuable helping skills, goal setting techniques, ethical practices, and how best to make referrals to available resources. In addition, you will receive resources you can use to answer career and vocation related questions and a Career and Vocation Champion decal to display in your office. We are also excited to hear from you how or what you are doing to assist our students with career readiness, vocation, and professionalism.

Tuesday, June 11, 9 AM - 4 PM
Introducing WRITL: Why You’ll Love Teaching Information Literacy
Facilitated by Rebecca Fremo (Writing Program Director, English), Rachel Flynn (Library), Kate Knutson (Political Science), Lauren Hecht (Psychology)
In this hands-on, interactive workshop, members of the spring 2019 Writing and Information Literacy Pilot team will share their assignments, rubrics, and sample student-authored texts, along with suggestions for ways to make the most of library partnerships. Participants will generate ideas for syllabus revision, draft some assignment prompts, and learn helpful ideas for managing workflow, especially in digital environments. You should leave ready to write your WRITL proposal and excited to plan your first WRITL course.

Wednesday, June 12, 9 AM - 4 PM
Integrating Diversity into Your Courses
Facilitated by Margaret Bloch Qazi (Biology) and Sarah Ruble (Religion)

Thursday, June 13, 9 AM - 4 PM
Integrating Ethics into Your Courses
Facilitated by Tommy Valentini (Philosophy), Mary Gaebler (Religion), and Sarah Ruble (Religion)

These two one-day workshops will assist faculty in addressing General Education Student Learning Outcomes related to diversity and ethics in their courses. In our new curriculum, we want to make sure that students are thinking about issues related to diversity and ethics across disciplines, from studios to classrooms to labs. But how do we integrate those topics into courses, particularly when we already struggle with covering content and do not consider ourselves experts? These workshops will help by:
· Providing resources for integrating diversity and ethics into courses;
· Giving you time to create and workshop activities and assignments;
· Preparing you to fill out new course and designation approval forms.

Friday, June 14, 9 AM - 4 PM
Student as Scholar 2.0: Enhancing Undergraduate Research and Creative Opportunities
Facilitated by Pamela Conners (Director of Undergraduate Research, Scholarship, Creativity, and Dialogue, Communication Studies)

Participants in this workshop will explore existing and new ways to “create a campus culture of
intellectual engagement by developing, expanding, and supporting greater opportunities for
research, scholarship, creativity, and dialogue.” (Gustavus Acts Strategic Plan 2.1.2) As we
transition to a new curriculum and welcome new opportunities for summer student-faculty
collaboration, this is a great moment to take stock of where we are and where we are headed. Participants will:
· Learn how to integrate and scaffold RSCD experiences into courses and the curriculum.
· Learn about opportunities for and approaches to student-faculty collaboration across disciplines.
· Discuss goals and strategies for enhancing existing undergraduate RSCD activities, such as Celebration of
 Creative Inquiry.
- Develop strategies for supporting student-faculty RSCD collaboration.
This work will build on interdisciplinary conversations started in a Kendall Center workshop over 10 years ago. We will prioritize applications that help us ensure diversity across departments and programs.

Throughout the Summer
Article Writing Group
The Kendall Center will also be sponsoring a scholarly article-writing group this summer. Individuals in this group will meet periodically with the goal of producing a draft of an article by the end of the summer. Blake Couey (Religion) will facilitate this group.



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