Workshops on Teaching and Learning

Summer Workshops are designed to bring faculty together from across the campus to generate ideas to enhance pedagogy, focus on particular issues vital to intellectual success, and develop better ways to engage students in collaborative learning endeavors. Providing a concentrated time in the summer during which faculty can focus on these issues and collaborate on unique ways to address them has resulted in interesting outcomes at an individual level such as making changes in course work, and campus-wide community initiatives.

The Kendall Center for Engaged Learning has put together some workshops for our annual
faculty development that takes place in the summer known as “Camp Kendall”. Some of these
workshops may have an opportunity for faculty to come together face to face, but all of them will
also be available as online and synchronous events. We are also experimenting with spreading
them out over the course of the summer instead of confining them to the one traditional week in
early June.

If there is a topic of particular interest to you and your colleagues, or if you have an idea for a summer workshop, please feel free to email Ruth Lin (


Previous Summer Workshops: