Workshops on Teaching and Learning

Summer Workshops are designed to bring faculty together from across the campus to generate ideas to enhance pedagogy, focus on particular issues vital to intellectual success, and develop better ways to engage students in collaborative learning endeavors. Providing a concentrated time in the summer during which faculty can focus on these issues and collaborate on unique ways to address them has resulted in interesting outcomes at an individual level such as making changes in course work, and campus-wide community initiatives.

There is still stime to sign up for August sessions. Participants will receive a $200 stipend for a full day workshop and a $100 stipend for a half-day session. Email Cathy Blaukat with your preferences.

Teach It: learn, discuss, share, and practice teaching inclusive and community building strategies and techniques.
Monday, August 15, 9 am to Noon in the St Peter Room
Facilitated by Doug Thompson, PhD, Vice President for Equity and Inclusion and
Esther Wang, Kendall Center Faculty Associate for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Moodle Updates
Monday, August 15, 1 pm to 4 pm in the St Peter Room
Facilitated by Marni Dunning, GTS

Advising Through Transitions
Tuesday, August 16, 9 am to 4 pm in the St Peter Room
Advising has always involved transition: student’s transition from high school to college, from FTS/3CC advisor to a major advisor, between advisors (due to sabbaticals, retirements, etc.); faculty transition from one advising load to another as students declare or change majors. In recent years, everyone has faced additional transitions between curricula, advising processes, and registration systems. This one-day workshop, held in collaboration between FTS, ASC, and the Kendall Center, aims to strengthen faculty’s capacity for Advising Through Transitions. Attendees in this workshop will learn about the current processes for critical advising transitions in order to support students through their transitions to Gustavus and within the College, and they will practice reviewing students’ course plans (schedules), progress reports (degree audits), and timelines (4-year plans) to better understand requirements and common considerations and pitfalls. In doing so, attendees will also adapt and practice a process for using current advising tools when advising students. Facilitated by Lauren Hecht

Becoming a Career and Vocation Champion
Wednesday, August 17, 9 am to Noon in the St Peter Room
Gustavus Career and Vocation Champions is a campus wide program designed to equip faculty and staff to assist students with career and vocation questions or decision-making. We understand many of you are doing this work and having these conversations already - we want to provide the background, resources, and tools, so that you can be prepared and confident while assisting students. In this training, you will learn valuable helping skills and how best to make referrals to available resources. In addition, you will receive resources you can use to answer career and vocation related questions. We are also excited to hear from you how or what you are doing to assist our students with career readiness, vocation, and professionalism.
Facilitated by Jill Van Osdol '10 , Gustavus Center for Career Development

Structuring Your Class for Success
Wednesday August 17, 12:30 to 3:30 pm in the St Peter Room
In this short, interactive course, we will discuss how to plan fully to incorporate routines, procedures, and expectations in order to encourage a rich, engaging, and low-stress semester. Bring whatever materials you have ready, and thoughtfully plan for the new semester and beyond! Facilitated by Amy Vizenor.

Moodle Updates 
Thursday, August 18, Noon to 3 pm in the St Peter Room
Facilitated by Marni Dunning, GTS

You’ve Submitted Your Manuscript: Successfully Managing Manuscript Reviews
Monday, August 22, 9 am to Noon in the Interpretive Center
Your manuscript is in-system at a journal! The session offers coaching in how to engage with what’s next: either a revise and resubmit (R&R) invitation or a rejection decision. Kathy Lund Dean will share processes and options by which to successfully respond to any manuscript decision and decide how to move the manuscript forward. For R&R invitations, the workshop covers how to organize editorial and reviewer comments, and create the often-overlooked response to reviewer (RTR) document that must accompany any revised manuscript. After an introduction of general manuscript submission flow, Kathy will engage participants in discussion about their own experiences with either rejected manuscripts or R&R invitations and facilitate roundtables with participants with examples of real RTR letters that have different structures but serve similar purposes. Participants will have the opportunity to share their individual experiences in a small group that is supportive and coaching-oriented, and learn transferable manuscript decision response skills for any publication effort. Facilitated by Kathy Lund Dean.


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