Grant GuidelinesFor Kendall Center Grants

  • Faculty must be a current voting member of the faculty;
  • Endowed Chairs are eligible only if they have exhausted their funds;
  • Due to limited resources available and in order to support as many people as possible, Distinguished Endowed Chairs are not eligible;
  • Administrators are not eligible for Kendall Center grants; faculty with partial administrative duties are eligible (e.g. Director of Undergraduate Research, FTS Director, etc.);
  • In the event of limited funds, the Kendall Center will prioritize faculty who have not recently received a development grant and those who have an ongoing relationship to the college: tenure-track, tenured, and continuing appointment faculty; and
  • Faculty with any outstanding reports from previous grants are not eligible.
Review Process for Grants:
  • Unless otherwise noted, grants are reviewed on a rolling basis, until funds for the fiscal year are exhausted.
  • Faculty are recommended to submit grant applications for activities occurring in the current fiscal year by March 1 (the fiscal year ends on May 31).
  • All grant applications will be reviewed and approved by the Kendall Center Director and at least one Faculty Associate or review committee.
  • Notice of the grant decision will normally happen within one week of receipt of application, unless otherwise noted.
  • Applicants may receive an approval, rejection, or request to revise and resubmit in response to feedback.
  • Grant applications must be received and approved before any expenses may be incurred.
Grant recipients agree to:
  • Submit a final report of their funded activities within 30 days of the end of the grant period. Grant reports will be included in the KCEL report to the faculty;
  • Submit any changes to the approved budget to the Kendall Center Director before purchase; and
  • Partner with the Kendall Center to share their learning, if requested (e.g. Teachers Talking Facilitator, Shoptalk Presenter, Teaching Circle Organizer, Reading Group Facilitator, Writing Group Facilitator, Summer Workshop Facilitator, Grant Reviewer, etc.).