Faculty Development Day

Faculty Development Day serves a number of purposes for Gustavus faculty.:

It offers an opportunity to convene as a learning community to explore effective practices in teaching, scholarship, and creativity. Focusing on growth and community-building, the concurrent sessions provide faculty with concrete ideas they can incorporate into their classes, research, and workflow without making substantial changes and revisions to syllabi and calendars. Faculty Development Day provides a chance to connect with new colleagues across the college and with faculty one may not encounter on a daily basis during the semester.

After more than a year of seeing the majority of your colleagues on screen, the Kendall Center for Engaged Learning invites the faculty to an in-person lunch on Wednesday Sept. 1st from 11AM-1PM in the Heritage Room. In addition to an opportunity to catch up with your colleagues, various offices on campus including: the Library, Human Resources, Academic Support Center, and GTS will share helpful resources that may be little known or under utilized by our faculty. For example, did you know that you could get a discount with the major cellphone carriers as an employee of GAC. Come and learn about other resources and benefits. Lunch will be followed by a facilitated wellness session with Ellie Roscher from 1-2PM; reflecting on the past year and strategies on getting ourselves into the best headspace and staying there!

Faculty Development Day
Wednesday September 1, 2021
11 am to 2 pm
(lunch provided)

11 am to 1 pm Lunch w/ presentations from various resource offices on campus

1 pm to 2 pm Wellness Session w/ Ellie Roscher will lead the faculty in a session to reflect on the past year and offer wellness strategies on how to get ourselves in the best headspace for the upcoming school year and stay there!

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