Faculty Development Day

Faculty Development Day serves a number of purposes for Gustavus faculty.:

It offers an opportunity to convene as a learning community to explore effective practices in teaching, scholarship, and creativity. Focusing on growth and community-building, the concurrent sessions provide faculty with concrete ideas they can incorporate into their classes, research, and workflow without making substantial changes and revisions to syllabi and calendars.

Faculty Development Day provides a chance to connect with new colleagues across the college and with faculty one may not encounter on a daily basis during the semester.

Faculty Development Days - Online
25 (Tuesday, 12:45-5), August 26 (Wednesday, 12:45-2:45), August 27 (Thursday 12:45-4)

This year's Faculty Development Day(s) will be different in a few ways. Due to Covid-19 it will take place online. It will take place the week before the semester begins, on August 25-27 (schedule and descriptions of the individual sessions here) because this will be a more hectic and difficult beginning of the semester than usual. Finally, we at the Kendall Center decided that, in light of the killing of George Floyd and the subsequent protests, we would focus FDD on issues affecting our students of color as it intersects with our mission at the college. Several of your colleagues have generously contributed their time and expertise to facilitate these sessions and we sincerely hope you attend. It would be helpful if you could send an RSVP to Cathy Blaukat (cblaukat@gustavus.edu) for the sessions you plan on attending.

The zoom link for the meetings is: https://hellogustavus.zoom.us/j/5079337596?pwd=dUNhdWhXR1NRTlU2bFdwc2tRZGdoUT09.

Previous schedules: