Environment, Geography, and Earth Sciences

Why Geology, Environmental Studies, Geography @ Gustavus

From dinosaurs to rocks to maps to glaciers; environmentalists, nature-lovers, activists, and urbanites- the Department of Environment, Geography, and Earth Sciences (EGE) is a community of learners committed to improving human, ecological, and physical relationships and seeking to make a positive impact on our changing planet Earth. The relationships between faculty and students are tight, the research and experiential learning opportunities are abundant, and the challenges facing the planet need solving. It’s time to dig in - literally.


EGE brings together the traditional disciplines of Geography and Geology with the multifaceted field of Environmental Studies into a single, interdisciplinary department that seeks to understand our planetary home from a variety of perspectives. Students in the department may seek majors/minors in Environmental Studies (ES), Geography (GEG), or Geology (GEO).

How do we respond to a rapidly changing climate, protect ourselves from natural and environmental hazards, and build more environmentally just cities? How do we obtain our energy and earth resources in an environmentally and socially sustainable way? How do we reconstruct the geologic history of Earth systems and predict future changes on the planet? Come explore these big questions and more.

Majors and Minors

Career Paths

  • Environmental Advocacy
  • Environmental Consultant
  • Environmental Policy and Law
  • Environmental Science Technician
  • Environmental Scientist (Graduate school pathway)
  • Sustainability Coordinator
  • Education
  • Hydrology field technician
  • Mineral Resource
  • Environmental Sustainability
  • Geographic Information Systems Analyst
  • International and Community Development
  • Urban and Regional Planning