Off-Campus Housing for 2015-2016

Please read ALL info! Applications for 2015-2016 are available below and due at noon on Wed, March 11th!

As a four-year residential college, Gustavus requires that all full-time students live in college housing. However, there are not enough beds on campus for every Gustavus student. Therefore, a limited number of upperclass students are granted special exemption to the residency requirement and are able to reside off campus.  Students wishing to reside off campus must obtain prior and proper permission from the Director of Residential Life.

The Off-Campus Application Process

Permission is granted based on seniority. Students who have achieved senior or junior status may also apply through the off-campus application proces to be considered for a housing exemption. Those in the class of 2015 have the higher probability of receiving permission. Those in the Class of 2016 should NOT assume they will get permission and should not make off-campus housing their main priority.

You should know:

  • We had 330 applications for about 240 available permissions last year.

  • No groups of juniors were allowed off campus last year.

  • About 50 total seniors did not get permission.

  • We will use Room Draw numbers if necessary (if number of applications exceed the number of permissions we can make we will use the AVERAGE number for your group)

You must complete an Off-Campus Housing Application by the deadline (March 11, 2015). In addition, ALL students applying for off-campus permission MUST complete the housing contract information via WebAdvisor.

Students wishing to live off-campus may participate as an individual or as a member of a housing unit. Attention will be given to groups so that all eligible members of a group wishing to live together will receive permission if appropriate. Groups can be as large as 8 individuals. EACH MEMBER OF A GROUP MUST SUBMIT AN OFF-CAMPUS APPLICATION.

Important information about leases: Occasionally, students enter into leases or other agreements with landlords before they are sure of their off campus status. Students are strongly encouraged NOT to enter into any agreements for off-campus housing prior to receiving written notification of the approval of your application from the Residential Life office. The college is not obligated to grant permission to students who have entered into rental agreements before proper approval has been given.

Notification of approval: Students will be notified via letter by the Residential Life office is the Off-Campus Housing Application is approved. Approval via email for the first wave of permissions will happen before Spring Break 2014.

Notification of acceptance: Students who are granted off-campus permission will receive email notification. This assumes that you are accepting your permission to move off campus. If you choose not to accept, you should notify Res Life as soon as possible so we can keep you in the Room Draw process.


  • Submitting an off-campus housing application does NOT guarantee that off-campus residency will be granted.
  • Individuals wishing to be considered for off campus housing are strongly encouraged to pay their $500 fall registration to Student Accounts deposit by the off-campus application deadline. Paying after the deadline but before March 31 will NOT negatively affect your off-campus application this year. This is NOT an additional fee - it is the deposit fee you pay each year as a commitment to return to the college and so that you may register for fall courses.
  • Students who receive off-campus permission MUST report their rental address and landlord information to the Residential Life office by the first day of class (September 8, 2015) in order to get a refund from your student account for housing fees. Students who do not submit this information will be responsible for all appropriate room and board charges on campus.


  • How many people are allowed to live off-campus next year?

    Not sure yet. It's a calculation based on several factors including how many students we have, how many people transfer away or withdraw, how many first-years we have, etc.

  • Will the College honor a lease that I have signed and give me off-campus permission then?

    No. A student in this case will have two commitments for housing for the fall and will most likely have to honor both commitments. Gustavus is NOT responsible for your decision to lock into a lease before being granted off-campus permission.

  • Is my financial aid affected if I live off campus?

    Yes, it is! If you choose to live off campus, any Gustavus aid will be reduced by $500. If you have specific questions about your financial aid package and how it's affected by off-campus permission, contact Financial Aid at x7530.

  • Are there mandatory off-campus housing information sessions this year?

There are no mandatory information sessions for those interested in applying for off-campus permission. There will be information sessions held in January and February - and while these are strongly encouraged, they are not mandatory.

  • If I live off campus already, do I have to re-apply?

    No, you do not. If you live off campus during the 2014-2015 school year, you will be contacted by Res Life in February about your intentions for 2015-2016. At that point you can confirm your status and maintain your off-campus permission, or you can request to live on campus and be provided information about Room Draw. Students who are already have off-campus permission should NOT be included on new applications - if you are already off-campus, your Room Draw info will NOT affect the new applicants and you should NOT include your name on their application.

Consideration for automatic approval:

If a student submits an application for off-campus residency and meets one or more of the following criteria, he/she may automatically be granted off-campus residency status for the academic year or term(s) for which he/she applied. The criteria are:

  • student who is married
  • student living with and responsible for dependent child/children
  • living in the St. Peter area with their parents/guardian (*within 15 miles from campus) (Simply being from St. Peter or the immediate area does NOT give automatic permission - you must be living with your parents)
  • part-time (below 3.0 credits) for the 2015-2016 academic year
  • veterans of military service
  • 23 years of age or older on/by the first day of class (September 8, 2015)
  • Home ownership (student name is sole name on mortgage), immediate family member owns a home (parent/legal guardian or sibling's name is sole name on mortgage) in St.Peter or within 15 miles from Gustavus. Houses owned by investment groups or corporations (group or company name is on mortgage) of which a student or family member is a part of will not be considered for automatic permission.

Students who are members of the categories listed above are automatically considered for off-campus upon receipt of their application AND sufficient documentation to support the request. The exemptions listed above will only be granted prior to or in conjunction with the off-campus application & Room Draw process (i.e. exemptions will not be granted midway through a semester or housing contract period). Forms/requests for the items listed above are due by April 1, 2015 - contact Charlie at for more info. Students who do not qualify for the above exemptions but are seeking accommodation for medical, disability or significant financial reasons must complete a waiver and appeal process. This process is ONLY for students who meet very specific needs and students must provide substantial documentation regarding those needs. Medical and disability requests will be considered with consultation from Gustavus Disability and/or Health Services. Financial requests are specifically for those who have exhausted ALL possible options for loans or financial contribution and will be determined through consultation with the Financial Aid office. For more information, contact Charlie Potts directly at Note: Waivers not received by April 1 will NOT be considered again until May 15.

Off-campus Housing Application for 2015-2016 is now available!