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Greetings Gusties! Below is some very basic information about the Room Draw process for 2016-2017. Be sure to see the "Frequently Asked Questions" section toward the bottom. Contact the Residential Life office at x7529 if you have any questions.

Frequently Asked Questions for 2016-2017 Room Draw

Am I eligible to go through Room Draw?: Members of the classes of 2017, 2018 and 2019 who make the $500 registration payment or necessary arrangements by March 31, 2016, will receive first consideration for all Room Draw events. We cannot give you a Room Draw number until your deposit is paid, which may result in missing the draw event and being placed in an assignment you would not have chosen. If you are unable to make the reservation payment on time, you will need to make alternative arrangements in the Financial Aid Office or Student Accounts Office. This means each of your anticipated roommates or housemates must pay the $500 fall registration deposit or make the necessary arrangements with Student Accounts and/or Financial Aid Office to participate in Room Draw.

The $500 fall registration payment is non-transferable and subject to the refund schedule outlined on in the Gustie Guide. Any outstanding fines to the college (i.e. parking tickets, late tuition payments, etc.) need to be paid or arrangements to pay need to be made before your $500 can be placed as a commitment toward the 2016-2017 academic year. If you have questions about the $500 payment or the status of your account, visit the Financial Aid Office as soon as possible before Room Draw.

NOTE: The $500 fall registration payment is NOT a housing payment. This fall registration payment is your commitment to returning to the college and is due each spring if you plan to return in the fall. It is to be paid through Student Accounts and will show up on your bill (through WebAdvisor). Paying your $500 fee late will not result in a decrease in your Room Draw number, but you cannot get your Room Draw slip until the fee is paid or a plan is worked out with Student Accounts.

When do halls open in the fall?
Residence halls will be available for 2016-2017 occupancy after 8:00 a.m. on Monday, September 5, 2016. Measurements for carpeting or other furniture should be made prior to leaving campus this spring.


Frequently Asked Questions about the Room Draw Process:

1. When is Room Draw?
Room Draw takes place on April 14 and April 17.

2. Where is Room Draw taking place?
Alumni Hall.

3. Do I have to go through Room Draw?

Yes! Gustavus is a four-year residential college, meaning that ALL students live on campus unless specific permission is granted. Room Draw is the process through which students have a choice in housing assignments for the following academic year.

4. What does my Room Draw number mean?
Your Room Draw number is your ticket to select a room. This number, based on seniority, is where you will be in the draw order. We use a computer program to randomize numbers based on your class year. Class year is determined by registration as of Fall Semester 2015. Important note: this is calculated based on when you will actually graduate, not just how many credits you brought in from high school or if you have enough credits to technically be considered a year ahead. It's entirely based on anticipated graduation date.

Rising seniors (current juniors - class of 2017) will have a room draw number between 3000 - 3900.

Rising juniors (current sophomores - class of 2018) will have a number between 2000 – 2900.

Rising sophomores (current first-year - class of 2019) would  have a draw number between 1000 – 1900.

The HIGHEST NUMBER among your selected roommates will be the number used to draw for all on-campus housing options, with seniority taken into consideration first (i.e. a group of four seniors takes priority over a group of three seniors & a junior, etc).

  • What if I'm graduating early? If you are graduating a full year early, you may petition to have an increase in your Room Draw number if you are entering into your final year at Gustavus. Contact Charlie in Residential Life at for details.
  • What if I'm a fifth-year senior? Fifth-year seniors should contact Charlie in Residential Life at for details. You will receive a senior number.

5. Do all the students have to be present at Room Draw to choose a room?
No,only one member of your pair/group is allowed into Room Draw. The representative of your pair/group must have all the signed Room Draw slips to draw for a room. For example: In order to draw for an College View apartment, one student must have 4 signed draw slips to participate in this draw. Any one of the four students can be the representative – the best number will be used regardless of which member of the group is the representative.

6. What if I cannot make it to a draw?
You need to come to the Residential Life Office and fill out a Room Draw proxy card. You then give your signed draw slip and the proxy card to your proxy and he/she can represent you at Room Draw. If you are going to be studying abroad in the spring of 2016, be sure to pick a proxy and let Res Life know who your proxy will be! If you are abroad in the spring of 2016, your proxy will receive your Room Draw slip in his/her P.O. box after spring break. Your proxy will go through the Room Draw process for you with your slip & the proxy card.

7. How important is my draw number?
Room Draw is based upon seniority, then based upon draw number. For example, for doubles Room Draw, Senior/Senior pairs will line up first, then Senior/Junior, then Senior/Sophomore pairs. Within all pairs that are equal (Senior/Senior), the pairs will be lined up by draw number (i.e. 3800 goes first, 3799 next, 3798 next, etc.) The pair will always use the HIGHEST number as they line up. Draw will start at the designated time, so it is vital that you are ON TIME!

8. Who gets to enter the Room Draw area to choose a room?
Only one person in a group (double, triple, quad, apartment, etc.) can enter and choose the room(s). Please have all your options open and be prepared to make your choice when you enter. Create a list of choices that you can bring with you to Alumni Hall!

9. What should I remember about specific rooms?
Prairie View houses CHOICE program  residents. The Carlson International Center is home to the Crossroads program, which requires a separate application. Also, note that surcharges apply to a few of the housing options. This includes any apartment on campus ($1960/year surcharge in 2015-2016); Southwest Hall suites and singles ($1020/year surcharge in 2015-2016); Uhler Hall triples or quads ($600/year surcharge in 2015-2016); Carlson International Center ($920/year surcharge in 2015-2016). Note: Exact surcharge amounts for 2016-2017 will be determined by the college's budget committee and approved by the Board of Trustees by mid-April.

10. Do we need to fill a room to pick it?
Rooms MUST be at capacity in order for your group to pick it. Groups at full capacity for rooms will receive preference (i.e. three people going for a triple, four people for a four-person apartment).

11. If I am going on an abroad program, student teaching, or doing a full-time internship away from campus for the fall semester, can I go through Room Draw?
No, you will not go through the same room draw as students who are staying on campus in the fall. You will need to complete a Housing Preference Form (available in the Residential Life Office) to submit at Room Draw.  This form will allow you to indicate where – and with whom – you’d like to live upon your return to campus. Every attempt will be made to honor your request! We are not able to keep your bed open in the fall semester while you are gone, so you and your roommate need to be planning ahead! The best option is to find someone who will be here in the fall and abroad in the spring to work out a plan for a swap at the semester. Those who wish to live off-campus upon their return from abroad/internship must go through the regular off-campus housing process.

12. What if my preferred roommate is going abroad/will be away from campus in the fall? If your roommate is going to be gone for fall semester 2016, you will NOT be able to hold a spot open all fall. You should work with friends to figure out a plan that allows your roommate to return to your room in the spring by switching with someone who’s going abroad or with someone on campus who knows he/she wants to move to another spot on campus for the spring, etc.

13. What if I've been found responsible for violating a college policy? Does my Room Draw number get lowered? Maybe, but probably not. Your involvement in the college conduct process may, in certain circumstances, affect your Room Draw number. However, just having your name show up on an incident report or even a low-level policy violation will not necessarily affect your housing.

14. I get good grades. Shouldn't I have priority over someone who does not get good grades? No. The Room Draw process at Gustavus is not merit-based. There are lots of reasons why this is the case... but the main reason is that specific grades are pretty subjective to the person, to the situation, etc. For example, if a student has a documented learning disability and may never be able to get straight A's no matter how much they study, we feel they should not have limited options for housing. The system is intended to be as fair as possible for as many people as possible.

15. What if I want to change my housing after Room Draw?
Each student is entitled to one housing choice each year. Room and roommate(s) choice at Room Draw will be considered binding for the entire academic year unless an individual officially withdraws from Gustavus. Occasionally, circumstances allow for housing adjustments once a semester begins. All students must remain in their selected room until the end of the third week of fall semester 2016. The Director of Residential Life reserves the right to make appropriate reassignments or changes when an intentional Room Draw violation is discovered.

16. Where can I find out more about Room Draw?
Pay attention to posters in the residence halls advertising information session, stop by the Res Life office for drop-in questions (Specific time & days TBD), and check out the “Step by Step Process Overview” section on this page!