Room Draw Process for 2018-2019

*Website currently being updated. Check back by Jan 15th

Things to do:

  • Read "The Basics of Room Draw & FAQ" section of this website!
  • Check out the Room Draw timeline for important reminders and dates.
  • Submit your Housing Contract (via WebAdvisor - will be available SOON!)
  • Pay your $500 fall registration deposit ā€“ allowing you to participate in Room Draw and register for fall 2017 classes ā€“ by March 31, 2018 (Note: This is NOT a housing fee. This is the course registration deposit you pay each spring that indicates your intention to return to Gustavus in the fall).
  • Check out floor/room/apartment designation lists. Subject to slight changes before Room Draw. See the MALE and FEMALE lists - you must be logged into your Gustavus account to view. (Have questions related to the gender spectrum? Contact Charlie to discuss options!)
  • Specific info about halls and housing rates are located here
  • Get your Room Draw slip from your P.O. Box. after spring break (will be delivered by about April 10). HOLD ON TO THIS DRAW SLIP.
  • Show up to the draw session for your preferred option (one person from each pair/group who has all draw slips from the group). Refer to the ROOM DRAW TIMELINE so you know when to show up to Alumni Hall to select your space. If you don't get a space when you first try, COME BACK until you get an assignment.
  • *NOTE: It is vital that you read through ALL Room Draw information.
  • *NOTE: You may not sell or trade your Room Draw number..
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Housing Options

Other Important Stuff


Room Draw Processes

Apartment, Suite & Quad Draw - Thursday, April 19, 2018

    • College View, Arbor View and Southwest Hall Apartments and Chapel View Townhomes
      Apartment floor plans can be found HERE.

      Apartments: Groups attempting to draw an apartment MUST have four students of the same gender. College View apartments, Arbor View apartments and Southwest apartments are designed four-person units consisting of two double bedrooms. Chapel View Townhomes will consist of four single bedrooms per unit. PRIORITY FOR ALL APARTMENT/SUITE/QUAD SPACES WILL BE GIVEN TO SENIORS AND JUNIORS. All groups consisting entirely of seniors and/or juniors will receive priority over any group that includes sophomores. Groups drawing for apartments will draw in order of seniority - the more seniors in the group, the closer to the front of the line you'll be. Draw slips and the number of seniors in the group will influence placement in the draw order. Example: Groups of four seniors have priority over a group of three seniors/one junior, etc.

      Southwest Suites: The Southwest Suites require four students of the same gender. Each suite consists of four single rooms around a common living space. At the time a Southwest Suite is selected, the individual room assignment of each student must be indicated (i.e. 217A, 217B, 217C, 217D). Rooms designated as suites will be indicated on the Room Designation Charts. The beds in Southwest Suites must stay in the designated rooms ā€“ single rooms must stay single rooms! 

      Uhler Quads: There are a limited number of quads available. Students MUST have a group of four to be eligible to select a quad in Uhler. PRIORITY FOR ALL APARTMENT/SUITE/QUAD SPACES WILL BE GIVEN TO SENIORS AND JUNIORS. All groups consisting entirely of seniors and/or juniors will receive priority over any group that includes sophomores.

    • Note: FULL GROUPS will be given first consideration for suites. If a vacancy occurs in an apartment, suite or quad after Room Draw, the Director of Residential Life will make remaining roommates aware of the options for filling the space and reserves the right to fill a vacancy as needed.

Triples & Singles - Thursday, April 19, 2018

Uhler and Rundstrom Triples

Triples (in Uhler and Rundstrom)  require three students of the same gender. Rooms designated as Triples will be indicated on the Room Designation Charts. Groups of three students will have the first opportunity to draw for triples.

Important for students in rooms with a vacancy: the Director of Residential Life will contact remaining roommate(s) to inform them of their options for filling the vacant space and reserves the right to fill vacancies as needed.

Single rooms

A limited number of single rooms are available in Southwest Hall and Gibbs Hall. The Southwest singles are in suite-style spaces (consisting of 4-6 single rooms) with shared bathrooms but will NOT be selected as suites. Gibbs Hall will also offer at least 9 male singles and up to 19 female single rooms.

Clusters & Double Room Draw - Sunday, April 22, 2018

      • Two-Room Clusters (two doubles adjacent to one another)

A very LIMITED number of two-room clusters are available in North, Sorensen, Rundstrom, Sohre and Uhler. These designated clusters require four students of the same gender. Students select room clusters as a group of four and then designate roommate pairs for each room within the cluster. Some two-room clusters will have rooms adjacent to one another and some two-room clusters will be across the hall from one another. Cluster groups are considered four-person groups for draw, so the highest of the four Room Draw numbers will be used. Groups must determine who will be in each room of a cluster at the time of Room Draw (i.e. which two will be in North 1F and which two in North 1G). Assignment switches after Draw may not be allowed - so know where you want to live when you draw! The person representing your cluster of four people MUST have all four Room Draw slips with them. Note: Clusters are NOT intended to allow two rooms to combine to make a "bedroom" and a "social room." This is against college policy. Keep in mind you are drawing for two separate rooms that happen to be near one another!

      • Double Rooms

Link to all double rooms on campus will be posted here. Double rooms are available to all Gustavus students. Combinations of roommates will be lined up according to class standing. Senior/Senior pairs will line up before Senior/Junior pairs; Senior/Sophomore pairs next; Junior/Junior pairs next; etc.

Off-Campus Housing

Some students are granted permission to live off-campus. If you wish to pursue this option, you must complete an Off-Campus Housing Application by March 15, 2018. The $500 fall registration deposit will be accepted until March 31, 2018, but it is encouraged that off-campus applicants pay the deposit by the March 15 application deadline. Payment between March 15-31 will not negatively affect your application status.

Applications for off-campus residency are available online in January at the Off-Campus Housing Process link. Students wishing to live off-campus may participate as an individual or as group of 2-8 people.

  • Submitting an application for off-campus residency also applies to those students who are married; living with and responsible for dependent children; living in the St. Peter area with their parents; part-time (below 3.0 credits) for the entire 2018-2019 academic year; and veterans of military service. Another qualifier is home ownership (student name on mortgage), immediate family member owns a home (parent/legal guardian or sibling's name is on mortgage) in St.Peter or 15-mile radius of Gustavus. Houses owned by investment groups or corporations (group or company name is on mortgage) of which a student is a member will not be considered for automatic permission. Students who are members of the categories listed in the previous sentence are considered for off-campus automatically upon receipt of their application.

    Off-Campus Applications will be accepted through March 15, 2018. Applications will be considered by the Director of Residential Life to determine which are automatically granted, and which will be granted for special circumstances.

    Studying Abroad, Student Teaching or Internship away from campus

  • Those who will be studying abroad or on off-campus college programs (including student teaching or having an internship away from St.Peter) for fall semester of 2018 must submit a request for Interim and/or spring semester housing. You will fill out a preference card to indicate where (and with whom) you would like to live when you return to campus.

    Those students who wish to apply to live off-campus upon their return to Gustavus for January Interim or Spring Semester must participate in the off-campus application process described previously.

Mixed Gender Housing

Gustavus is a four-year residential campus and Res Life feels an obligation to provide opportunities (when possible) to mirror opportunities beyond your time here. Due to increased interest in the options available for upperclass students to live with those of the opposite gender, we are continuing this program for a third year.

What is it? We define mixed gender housing in apartments as groups of two males and two females sharing a four-person space. Bedrooms will be single gender within each apartment and each apartment will have two bathrooms.

Who is eligible? The mixed gender options will be in apartment spaces on campus, therefore only those in the class of 2019 and 2020 will be eligible.

Where will it be? We will designate apartments as mixed gender spaces. The number of apartments and locations has yet to be determined, but we will share that info soon. Last year we offered 8 apartments.

How do I sign up for it? We will have a special Room Draw time for the designated mixed gender spaces (draw will happen separately from the large Room Draw times - see timeline for info). All other Room Draw guidelines apply (seniority is followed using highest Room Draw number within each group). Mixed Gender options that do not fill during the special draw time will be assigned a gender and put back into general apartment Room Draw.

If Iā€™m trans* or identify other than male or female, is this my only option? No, this is one of several options! As always, those who identify as trans* or elsewhere on the gender spectrum may work with the Director of Residential Life in order to find the most reasonable and comfortable housing situation for that individual, regardless of the identifying gender of potential roommates.

Intentional Learning and Service Housing Options

  • Crossroads Program Selection Process
    • Crossroads/International Center has a separate housing application process. Applications will be posted here in January 2018 and are due on March 15, 2018.
  • CHOICE - Substance Free Housing Selection
    • CHOICE housing is available in Prairie View. The application will be posted here in January 2018. The application is your statement of intent and will allow you to participate in a special CHOICE Room Draw process (date TBD). Applications are due March 15, 2018.
  • ILS Core Value Houses
    • ILS Core Value Houses have a separate housing application process. Applications will be posted here in January 2018 and are due on March 15, 2018.
  • Swedish House
    • The Swedish House is an ILS program that can house 10 residents in a "house" connected to the Carlson International Center. Applications are due on March 15, 2018 (tentative) and information about the house can be obtained by contacting Dr. Glenn Kranking at

International Student Roommates

This application process applies only to students who choose to live with international students who are new to the campus for fall semester 2018. These students are not incoming first-year students but rather international exchange students. Roommates choosing to live with returning international students follow regular room draw procedure. Applications are due on March 31, 2018.

Applications will be posted here soon!

Students selected as International Student Roommates will receive special room draw slips. International Student Roommates will draw for their rooms during regular room draw. International Student Roommate's drawing for a double room will be treated as a complete pair.

Transfer Student Roommates

A student interested in rooming with an incoming transfer student must complete the Transfer Roommate Application. Applications are due on March 31, 2018.

Applications will be posted here soon!

This application process applies only to students who choose to live with transfer students who are new to the campus for fall semester 2018.

Students selected as Transfer Student Roommates will receive special room draw slips. Transfer Student Roommates drawing for a double room will be treated as a complete pair.