Room Selection FAQs

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Greetings Gusties! Below is some very basic information about the Room Selection process for 2019-2020. Contact the Residential Life office at x7529 if you have any questions.

Frequently Asked Questions 

When is Room Selection?

Please see the room selection timeline available online.

Where is Room Selection taking place?

Online! You will receive information about accessing your online housing portal for room selection.

Do I have to go through Room Selection?

Yes! Gustavus is a four-year residential college, meaning that ALL students live on campus unless specific permission is granted. Room Selection is the process through which students have a choice in housing assignments for the following academic year.

What is the process?

After submitting your online housing agreement, you will be able to submit applications for your desired housing type. Each type of housing selection groups will receive a date/time for room selection, based on a random ranking based on class year (with Seniors ranked the highest). If all the types of rooms are selected before your assigned time slot, you can re-group for the next available types of housing.

How does a matched group choose a room together?

Only one member of your pair/group is required to log in at your assigned date/time slot to perform room selection. You will have to have matched via the online roommate selection process in order to be assigned a group/pair time slot, your group will receive the same time slot and any one member can complete your room selection, then all members of the group that fills the room will be assigned to that room. If you do not have the correct number of roommates for a room, you will not be able to select it (3 matched roommates will not be able to select a 4-person unit/apartment). 

How can I choose a room if I do not have an idea of a roommate for next year?

There is a roommate search feature in the online housing portal where you can request a specific person, or search by personality/preference responses to find someone you think you'd be a good match with and send them an online notification you might be interested in a roommate pairing. Contact the Residential Life office if you have questions or are having issues finding a roommate.

If I am going on an abroad program, student teaching, or doing a full-time internship away from campus for the fall semester, can I go through Room Selection?

No, you will not go through the same room selection as students who are staying on campus in the fall. You will be contacted before your return date with available housing options at that time. We are not able to keep your bed open in the fall semester while you are gone, so you and your roommate need to be planning ahead! The best option is to find someone who will be here in the fall and abroad in the spring to work out a plan for a swap at the semester. Those who wish to live off-campus upon their return from abroad/internship must go through the regular off-campus housing process.

What if my preferred roommate is going abroad/will be away from campus in the fall?

If your roommate is going to be gone for fall semester, you will NOT be able to hold a spot open all fall. You should work with friends to figure out a plan that allows your roommate to return to your room in the spring by switching with someone who’s going abroad or with someone on campus who knows he/she wants to move to another spot on campus for the spring, etc.

I get good grades (am an athlete, a student leader, involved in orgs, etc). Shouldn't I have priority over someone who does not/is not a ________?

Gusties are involved in so many things, and all have individual circumstances and identities. We cannot account or weight all these different activities, abilities, equity in opportunities - so room selection is based on a random ranking by class year. The system is intended to be as fair as possible for as many people as possible.

What if I want to change my housing after Room Selection?

Each student is entitled to one housing assignment each year. Room and roommate(s) choice at Room Selection will be considered binding for the entire academic year unless an individual officially withdraws from Gustavus or official room change processes are followed. Occasionally, circumstances allow for housing adjustments once a semester begins. All students must remain in their selected room until the end of the third week of fall semester. 

Where can I find out more about Room Selection?

Pay attention to emails that will go out about the room selection process, check the room selection web page for most updated information, and check out the room selection timeline. Contact the Residential Life office at or 507-933-7529 if you have any questions about the room selection process.