On-Going Orientation Sessions

The energy, experiences, and ideas that new faculty bring are vital for Gustavus. Making the transition, however, from a faculty or graduate student position at another institution, can sometimes be challenging. In order to assist faculty new to the college in making this transition, the Kendall Center sponsors a series of orientation sessions throughout the academic year.

2015-2016 Orientation Sessions

All Sessions are Thursdays from 12:30 - 1:20 p.m.
Free lunch at the Three Crowns Buffet and then meet in the St Peter Room

All new faculty members are expected to attend orientation sessions throughout the academic year. Department chairs are asked not to schedule classes for new faculty during this time. Each session has a discussion topic and one or more faculty facilitator, to provide an opportunity to share information about the issues of primary importance to new faculty.

September 10                    
Checking In
An open‐ended opportunity for new faculty to get to know each other better, share their experiences in the first weeks, and have their questions answered in a supportive environment.

September 24   (non TT only)    
Making the Most of Term Appoitments - CV's and cover letters
You just started, but may be in the process of applying for a tenure track job.  How do you position yourself as a top candidate?  What do (Gustavus) Departments look for when hiring?

October 1
Writing Across the Curriculum
Build best practices by learning more about writing-to-learn exercises to enhance retention.  Discuss ways to scaffold formal and informal assignments.  How can informal writing help students formulate their ideas, especially if they are relunctant to speak out or disagree in class?

October 15             (non TT only)              
Making the Most of Term Appointments - Interview's
Perhaps your application has been selected for a phone or in-person interview.  How do you prepare and deliver?

October 22  (non TT only)           
Grading rubrics and policies
How might we grade assignments strategically?  We can save time while giving students valuable feedback.  We will also discuss the nuts and bolts of grading policies in general.  A variety of assignment types are discussed.

October 29
Course Evaluations
A discussion of effective methods for evaluating your courses and getting information that can be used to improve teaching and learning.  We focus on end of the semester summative as well as mid-semester formative evaluations


November 12
What is a Liberal Arts College firmly rooted in the Swedish Lutheran tradition?
Introducing the mission of Gustavus and our unique place in higher education.

November 19
Cultivating Well-Being
Strategies ofr attending to and cultivating well-being, broadly defined.

December 3   
Internal and External Grants
Learn about internal grant opportunities and how to apply.  Share information about external opportunities and building a timeline for application

December 10  
nterdisciplinary programs and study away

January 27
What does excellence in teaching look like?

February 11
Checking In
Share reflections on experiences in fall and over January.  What goals or hopes do you have for spring semester?  What questions might be addressed?

February 18 (TT only)            
Tenure review processes at Gustavus
An overview of the third year and tenure review procedure at Gustavus.

March 3 (TT only)
Gustavus committee structure and shared governance
A discussion of the committee structure.  What does each committee do and what might be expected of you?

March 3 (NTT only)
Making the Most of Term Appointments - What's Next?

What are your future plans and goals in the Ivory Tower and/or beyond it?  What are potential ways to leverage your experiences here?

March 17
Academic advising within a liberal arts curriculum
How might you be an effective academic advisor in the context of the liberal arts?  Discuss how to help students develop a four year plan, gain experiences, build skills and intellectual flexibility, and accurately reflect on their strengths.

April 14, 2016            
Sustaining Scholarly and Creative endeavors
You many fell so swamped with transitioning and teaching that you barely have time to work on the scholarly or creative endeavors that are part of your academic identity.  Share short and long term strategies for how to sustain these endeavors.

April 20  (TT only)
New faculty mentor/mentee social
A social for new tenure‐track faculty and their mentors. New faculty (and their mentors) from the past two years are also invited.

May 12  
ear in review and wrapping up the year
The final session of the year where outstanding questions are answered and faculty feedback about the new faculty orientation program is gathered.


The New Faculty Programming Faculty Associate for 2016-2017 is Pamela Kittelson.

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