Curriculum Development Grant

Kendall Center

The Curriculum Development Grant supports faculty designing a new semester-long course or substantially re-designing an existing semester-long course. 

Deadline for Proposals: April 3, 2023

Virtual Q&A on Grant Proposals: Tuesday, March 14 at 11:30am

Proposal Requirements

A. Narrative (upload to Google Form application as a PDF)
  1. Rationale. (Suggested length: 750-1250 words)
    1. Describe the target course, what faculty members will teach it, and when and how often the course will be offered.
    2. Why is the development or changes to the course needed? Provide evidence to support your claims.
    3. What anticipated impact on student learning will (re)developing the target course have?
    4. Describe how you will assess the impact of the (re)developed course on student learning.
    5. What contribution will the (re)development have for the curriculum (department, program, and/or general education)? 
    6. How will the course development/revitalization advance one or more Gustavus Acts strategies?
    7. Provide a brief description and justification for each expense included on the budget spreadsheet (no justification for faculty stipend required).
  2. Plan and Timeline.
    1. List the activities the applicant(s) will undertake to (re)develop the target course.
    2. Provide a timeline for when each activity will take place.
B. Budget (upload completed template to Google Form application)
  1. Complete the 2023 Budget Template .
  2. All expenditures must be made within one fiscal year (June 1, 2023-May 31, 2024). Normally, spending should be completed by February 1, 2024.
C. Brief Letter of Support from Department Chair and/or Program Director (upload to Google Form application as a PDF)
  1. ~250 words
  2. Explain when and how frequently the target course will be offered.
  3. Describe the contribution the proposed course (re)development will make to the curriculum and student learning.


  • Course being (re)developed must have already been approved by the faculty via the course approval process.
  • Faculty members may not receive this grant two years in a row.
  • Up to two faculty members, each of whom must teach the course identified in the proposal, are eligible to receive a summer stipend.
  • Distinguished Endowed Chairs and full-time administrators are ineligible for Kendall Center grant funding. 
  • Priority will be given to applications submitted by tenured, tenure-track, and continuing instructor faculty because of the long-term benefit their initiatives afford the Gustavus curriculum. 

Budget Guidelines

  • Up to $1500 in funds may include:
    • Materials and supplies
    • Travel expenses and registration fees for teaching seminars or workshops directly related to the course content or for visiting archives or collections necessary to develop or significantly redesign an existing course
  • Grant funds may not include:
    • Workshops, seminars, or meetings for which participants are given a stipend by an outside granting agency
    • To present or publish research, scholarship, or creative works
  • Faculty stipends are awarded for work completed in the summer and are scaled based on faculty rank and status:
    • Assistant Professor/Continuing Instructor, $700
    • Associate Professor, $600
    • Professor, $500

Deadlines for and Expectations of Grant Recipients

  • To receive the summer stipend for work completed outside of faculty contracts, faculty must complete a verification of work by September 15, 2023.
  • Spending should be completed and a final report of grant activity should be submitted by February 1, 2024; extensions must be requested in writing by January 15, 2024.
  • Final report should include course syllabus for the target course, which may be shared with the campus community, as appropriate.
  • Failure to submit the final report will disqualify recipient(s) from future Kendall Center grants.
  • All grant recipients are expected to partner with the Kendall Center in some capacity to share their insights and experience with other faculty at Gustavus.

Grant Review & Decision

Funding decisions will be made by the Kendall Center Director following recommendation from a review committee composed of two at-large faculty members and a Kendall Center Faculty Associate. The Kendall Center Director will first ensure eligibility of all grant proposals before they undergo review. The reviewers will use a rubric in their evaluation and provide developmental comments to applicants. 

We anticipate making award decisions by May 1, 2023.

Please contact the Kendall Center Director with questions about the application process or for consultation regarding a course (re)development idea.