Presidential Faculty-Student Collaboration Grants

Presidential Faculty-Student Collaboration Grants are available annually to support collaborative research between faculty and students.

To Apply

Grant Information

Grant monies may be used to support the following:
                        *  faculty summer stipend
                        *  student summer stipend
                        *  student housing
                        *  equipment needs, copying, etc.; transportation support

  • Applications will be accepted for stipends and project costs, and for stipends only.
  • Projects that complement the Academic Strategic Plan and Mission of the College are encouraged.
  • One faculty member cannot receive both the Research, Scholarship, and Creativity grant and the Presidential Faculty/Student Collaboration grant in the same year.
  • Monies may also be used as matching funds for outside support awarded to the faculty member.
  • Awards are made in the spring for the following acaedemic year; project expenses must be incurred and reimbursed during that fiscal year (June 1 - May 31).


Applictions must include:

  • A brief description of the proposed project;
  • A clear statement of anticipated outcomes
  • Names and brief bios for all participants;
  • An explanation of how this project fits into the careers of both faculty and student, and a description of how the project fits into the educational trajectory of the student;
  • A complete budget for the project should be submitted.
  • Likely placement for publication or performance;
  • Anticipated research completion date.

Criteria for Selection

To distinguish among proposals that meet all criteria requested in the application, the committee looks for evidence of exceptional merit, compelling project design, impact on student experience, or feasibility of project. The committee encourages applications from all departments and disciplines, and from faculty at all stages. Priority will be given to quality proposals submitted by candidates who have not been funded through a Presidential Student/Faculty Collaboration grant in the past three years.

Grant Report

There are no rigid guidelines, but generally your report will be 2-3 pages in length and should summarize the activities and outcomes of your grant. You should include information about how well you accomplished the goals you set for yourself in your proposal, any outcomes (publications, revised syllabi, conference presentations, new research directions, etc.), and plans for continuing your research/writing/curriculum revision. Please feel free to include any observations about anything else that was important to you and/or any problems you encountered about which the Provost's Office should be aware. The report is due September 30 in the year the grant ends.

Questions? Contact the Faculty Development Committee.


2016-17 Grants Awarded

Jeff Jeremiason & Erin Baumann (Chemistry)
Mercury and Lead Retention in the S2 Watershed

Yuta Kawaraskai & Rachel Strandmark (Biology)
Latitudinal Difference in Overwintering Energentics of Insects: Implications for the Impacts of Global Climate Change

Robert Kendrick & Erin Ingram (English)
Conference presentation and submission for publication

Martin Lang & Noah O'Ryan (Communication Studies)
Community  Documentary  Film  Production

Chuck Niederriter& Jill Malecha (Physics)
Charaterizing a New Wind Delivery System

Laura Triplett& Connor Smith (Geology)
Monitoring Program of the Minnesota River

2015-16 Grants Awarded

Lauren Hecht & Matt Broschard (Psychological Science)
Building an Olfactometer to Determine Neural Mechanisms of Attention

Jeff La Frenierre & Helen Thompson (Geography)
Hydrological Implications of Glacier Retreat on Andean Volcanoes

Baker Lawley & Laura Isdahl (English)
Found a Gustavus Literary Magazine

Michele Rusinko & McKayla Murphy and Jordan Lovestrand (Theatre and Dance)
Tapiola Visions

Amy Seham & Leah Soule (Theatre and Dance)
Oral Histories and Analysis of Social Justice Theatre at Gustavus: Making a Difference Then and Now


2014-15 Grants Awarded

Kristian Braekkan & Victoria Sowa (Economics and Management)
Global Engagement

Leila Brammer & Mariah Wika (Communication Studies)
Longitudinal Assessment

Jon Grinnell & Anthony Massaro (Biology)
Gather Bison Behavior Data for Research

Lisa Heldke & Samantha Manick and Jens Thomsen (Philosophy)
Role of Food in the Educational Mission of Gustavus?

Sun Hee Lee & Brittany Knutson (English)
Gender in Post 9/11 Literature

Brandy Russell & Ciolleen Caldwell (Chemistry)
Study of Marine Worm Nereis Diversicolor

2013-14 Grants Awarded

Ana Adams & Avery Wallace (Spanish; LALACS; and Gender, Women and Sexuality Studies)
16th century – early 17th century colonial manuscript

Betsy Byers & Cameron Jarvis (Art & Art History)
Gallery Exhibition

Eric Dugdale & Laurel Boman and Karl Grant (Classics)
Euripides’ Medea for the Oxford Greek and Latin College Commentaries

Robert Kendrick & Justin Feit (English and Gender, Women and Sexuality Studies)
Bureaucracy and Greek Tragedy in The Wire

Stephanie Otto & Maggie King (Health & Exercise Science)
Bone Mineral Density

Sean Cobb & Abigail Huff (English)
Introductory Film Studies Textbook

2012-13 Grants Awarded

Julie Bartley & Tara Selly (Geology)
Fossilization Trajectory (termed taphonomy) of Modern (living) Organisms

Leila Brammer & Anna Morton (Communication Studies)
Public Discourse Students

Pamela Kittelson & Mike Howe (Biology)
Tallgrass Prairie Ecosystems

Micah Maatman & Jessica Van Kempen (Theatre/Dance)
The Design of a new Production in Physical Theatre for the Minnesota Fringe Festival 2012

Kristian Petersen & Claire Curran (Religion)
Contemporary Islamic Movements Through The Media

2011-12 Grants Awarded

Priscilla Briggs & Blong Lor (Art/Art History)
Video and Photo-based Artworks

Jeff Dahlseid & Xiao Xiu (Biology/Chemistry)
Nereis Diversicolor

Dan Moos & Alyssa Ringdal (Education)
Supporting Self-regulated Learning in the Classroom: Past, Present, and Future

Amanda Nienow & Maja Johnson (Chemistry)
Photolysis of Imidazolinone Herbacides on Cuticle Waxes

Dwight Stoll & Tuan Tran (Chemistry)
Characterization of Carbon-laminated Silicas for use in Hydrophilic interaction Liquid Chromatography