Research, Scholarship and Creativity Grants Grant

Research, Scholarship, and Creativity Grants are available to support faculty members in their professional scholarly and creative work.

To Apply

RSC Information

  • Grants are available for Research, Scholarship and Creativity expenses.
  • Beginning 2014, one RSC grant will be designated for an Area of Focus including stipend and other needs (See budget form) from the Academic Strategic Plan or the Mission of the College. For the 2017-2018 grant period the Area of Focus is Justice.
  • Applications will be accepted for stipends and project costs, and for stipends only.
  • Joint applications are accepted.
  • A faculty member cannot receive both the Research, Scholarship, and Creativity grant and the Presidential Faculty/Student    Collaboration grant in the same year.
  • Competitive, but a large number are funded each year.
  • Monies may also be used as matching funds for outside support awarded to the faculty member.
  • Awards are made in the spring for the following academic year; project expenses must be incurred and reimbursed during that fiscal year (June 1st - May 31st).

Grant Report

There are no rigid guidelines, but generally your report will be 2-3 pages in length and should summarize the activities and outcomes of your grant. You should include information about how well you accomplished the goals you set for yourself in your proposal, any outcomes (publications, revised syllabi, conference presentations, new research directions, etc.), and plans for continuing your research/writing/curriculum revision. Please feel free to include any observations about anything else that was important to you and/or any problems you encountered about which the Provost's Office should be aware.  The report is due September 30th in the year the grant ends.

For more information, contact the Faculty Development Committee.

2016-2017 Grants Awards

2015-2016 Grants Awards

  • Betsy Byers
  • John Cha
  • Lauent Dechery
  • Rebecca Fremo
  • Lisa Heldke

2014-2015 Grants Awards

2013-2014 Grants Awards

2012-2013 Grants Awards

2011-2012 Grants Awarded