Selecting A Roommate

Considering rooming together? Things to think about!

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Below please find general thoughts and questions to consider when making a roommate choice. 

Care for Others

  • When will study times in your room be?
  • During study times, is phone use okay? Is the television on or off? The stereo? The computer?
  • When will sleep times in your room be?
  • During sleep times, are the lights on or off? The television? The stereo? The computer? Is phone use okay?
  • Where will messages for each other be posted?
  • What steps will you take to respect each other's privacy?

Setting Boundaries

  • Are guests allowed in the room during study times? During sleep times? During dress/bathing times? Overnight?
  • Are there other times that guests are not allowed?
  • If you want guests to leave, how will you let each other know?
  • Are guests of the opposite gender allowed overnight?
  • How much notice should you give each other when you would like someone to stay overnight?

Responsible Use of Property

  • What does cleaning include? Dusting? Vacuuming? The dishes? Taking out trash? Cleaning the bathroom? The kitchen? Anything else?
  • Will you clean your half of the room? Create a cleaning schedule?
  • In accordance with university policies, will drinking be allowed in your room?
  • Will the doors be locked and closed when you are home?
  • What steps will you take to eliminate locking each other out?

Other stuff

  • Is it okay for roommates or guests to use your things (like the television, stereo, clothes, food, etc)?
  • Will the room have cable? If so, how will the bills be paid?
  • How will you handle damage occurring to others' belongings? How quickly should this response take place?
  • How will you approach each other if you have a concern, including but not limited to violations of this agreement? How quickly should this response take place?
  • Do you have additional concerns not covered by the above questions?