Sabbatical Leaves

To Apply

  • Deadline: Monday, March 7, 2016
  • Applications for sabbatical leaves are always due 18 months prior to the start of your leave.
  • Application Process: The sabbatical process begins 2 years in advance of the expected leave.
      • Prior to submission of the proposal, the faculty member and the relevant department chair will insure that the faculty member’s leave plans mesh with the department’s overall leave timetable.
      • Sabbatical leave proposals are submitted to the Kendall Center 18 months prior to the start of the planned leave period. Submit the proposal, including the Chair’s letter of support, either electronically or as a paper copy.
        • Electronic submissions: Submit one copy of the proposal to: sabbatical-leave-proposals (Note: Proposal content is listed below in “Proposals will include…”)
        • Paper copy submission: Submit one copy of the completed Proposal to: John S. Kendall Center for Engaged Learning (Beck Hall, Room 103; Note: Proposal content is listed below in “Proposals will include…”)
      • The Provost’s Office will notify the faculty no later than May 15 of the year of application.
  • Eligibility: Sabbatical leaves are available for any regular appointment faculty member who meets the following requirements:
    • has completed at least six academic years of service since appointment
    • has completed at least six academic years of service since last compensated leave of absence
  • Types of Leave:
    • Regular sabbatical programs, including semester and year-long leaves.
    • On-campus sabbaticals, involving collaborative work with students.
    • Foreign exchanges: Kansai-Gaidai in Japan, Mora in Sweden, etc.
  • Preparation of a Sabbatical Leave Plan:
    • In general, all professional development activities of a teacher-scholar will be considered legitimate reasons for a sabbatical leave. 
    • Including, but not limited to…
      • scholarly research leading to the publication of books and articles
      • artistic activities leading to exhibitions or performances
      • professional retraining and revitalization
      • internships at institutions that foster professional growth
      • other activities that can be demonstrated to have value for a faculty member’s professional development
  • Proposals will include
    A complete leave proposal will include:
    1.Cover Sheet. Please click here for the Cover Sheet Template  

    a. The name, rank, and department of the faculty member.
    b. Indication of the number of years of full-time service at the College
    c. Period of leave requested, i.e. full-year or one semester.
    d. Where applicable, the dates of the last compensated leave, whether from Gustavus or another       college or university, and a brief description of the results.

    2. Detailed description of the proposed sabbatical leave which addresses the following:

             a. For scholarly and artistic activities:

    1. Preparation leading up to the sabbatical
    2. Description of proposed projects and activities
    3. Relation of proposed projects to previous research or artistic work by self and/or others
    4. Expected outcomes and future activities related to the leave
    5. Value of projects to the individual and the academic community
    6. Plans for a public presentation of leave results (departmental seminar, Faculty Forum, recital, art show, article in faculty newsletter, etc.)
    7. Where applicable, letters confirming arrangements for off-campus leaves.

            b. For professional retraining and revitalization

    1. Demonstration of need for retraining and revitalization
    2. Description of proposed projects and activities
    3. Discussion of the preparation for leave activities (this could include internships or workshops completed, letters of support or confirmation concerning proposed projects, schedules or calendars of proposed activities, bibliographies of relevant work, etc.)
    4. Expected outcomes and future activities related to the leave
    5. Value of projects to the individual and the academic community
    6. Plans for a public presentation of leave results (departmental seminar, Faculty Forum, recital, art show, article in faculty newsletter, etc.)
    7. Where applicable, letters confirming arrangements for off-campus leaves.

    3. Chair's Supporting Documentation

    a. A letter from the chair of the department submitted to the Kendall Center. Please click here for a template of this letter.  A signed copy of this letter should be submitted in hard-copy to the Kendall Center OR a copy of this letter be scanned and submitted electronically to: This letter should include the department’s endorsement of the leave plan, and a statement of the department’s plans to support the ongoing professional needs of the faculty member (including allocation of departmental resources, assignment of teaching load, and preparation of new courses).


For more information, contact the co-chairs of the Faculty Development Committee.

Sabbatical Resources


Grant and Fellowship Databases

Multi-disciplinary Sites

These sites provide searchable databases for grant information in multiple disciplines:

Discipline-Specific Sites


Appalachian Studies; Art; African and African-American Studies; Asian Studies; English, Theatre, and Speech Communication; Foreign Languages; Music; Philosophy and Religion; Women's Studies


Biology; Chemistry; Mathematics; Physical Education and Health; Physics

Social Science

Economics; History; Political Science; Psychology; Sociology


Agriculture and Natural Resources; Child and Family Studies; Education Studies; Library; Nursing; Sustainability and Environmental Studies; Technology and Industrial Arts


Sabbatical Leaves 2013-2014

  • Sidonia Alenuma-Nimoh
  • Florence Amamoto
  • Julie Bartley
  • Leila Brammer
  • Joel Carlin
  • John Cha
  • Jeffrey Dahlseid
  • Carolyn Dobler
  • Deborah Downs-Miers
  • Sean Easton
  • Chris Gilbert
  • Julie Gilbert
  • Yurie Yong
  • Jeff Jenson
  • Pamela Kittelson
  • Paschal Kyoore
  • Kristen Lowe
  • Micah Maatman
  • Dan Moos
  • Charles Niederriter
  • Amanda Nienow
  • Rick Orpen
  • Yumiko Oshima-Ryan
  • Sara Ruble
  • Maria Beatriz Torres
  • Suzanne Wilson
  • Larry Wohl

Sabbatical Leaves 2012-2013

  • Deane Curtin
  • Jon Grinnell
  • Maria Kalbermatten
  • Mark Kruger
  • Martin Lang
  • Thomas LoFaro
  • Dick Martin
  • Mary McHugh
  • David Obermiller
  • So Young Park
  • Brandy Russell
  • Stanley Shetka
  • Bruce VanDuser
  • Marie Walker
  • Linnea Wren

Sabbatical Leaves 2011-2012

  • Mark Bjelland
  • Thia Cooper
  • Nancy Hanway
  • Colleen JAcks
  • Kate Knutson
  • Baker Lawley
  • Brian O'Brien
  • Peg O'Connor
  • Jeff Rosoff
  • Amu Seham
  • San Skulrattanakulchai
  • Michele Koomen

Sabbatical Leaves 2010-2011

  • Greg Aune
  • John Clementson
  • Eric Eliason
  • Michael Ferragamo
  • Lisa Heldke
  • Tom Huber
  • Elizabeth Jenner
  • Michael Jorgenson
  • Brenda Kelly
  • Michele Koomen
  • Karl Larson
  • Terry Morrison
  • Garrett Paul
  • Michele Rusinko
  • Don Scheese
  • Barbara Simpson
  • Mary Solberg
  • Phil Voight
  • Esther Wang
  • Janine Wotton

Sabbatical Leaves 2009-2010

  • Margaret Bloch Qazi
  • Priscilla Briggs
  • Philip Bryant
  • Scott Bur
  • Eric Carlson
  • Bob Douglas
  • Casey Elledge
  • Anne-Marie Gronhovd
  • Lisa Heldke
  • Mike Hvidsten
  • Robert Irvin
  • Cindy Johnson-Groh
  • Mariangela Maguire
  • Steve Mellema
  • Lois Peterson
  • Debra Pitton
  • Sujay Rao
  • Joyce Sutphen
  • Michelle Twait
  • Jim Welsh

Sabbatical Leaves 2008-2009

  • Jennifer Ackil
  • Greg Aune
  • Aaron Banks
  • Denis Crnkovic
  • Laurent Dechery
  • Hayden Duncan
  • Patricia English
  • William Freiert
  • Patric Giesler
  • Deborah Goodwin
  • Jeff Jeremiason
  • Barbara Kaiser
  • Karl Knight
  • Douglas Nimmo
  • Byron Nordstrom
  • Matthew Panciera
  • Alisa Rosenthal
  • Toshiyuki Sakuragi
  • Paul Saulnier
  • Jonathan Smith
  • Jim Welsh
  • Steve Wright

Sabbatical Leaves 2007-2008

  • Elizabeth Baer
  • Glenn Barnette
  • Eric Dugdale
  • Tom Emmert
  • Barbara Fister
  • Becky Taylor Fremo
  • Loramy (Mimi) Gerstbauer
  • Dennis Henry
  • Douglas Huff
  • Greg Kaster
  • Jill Locke
  • Carolyn O'Grady
  • Kate Wittenstein
  • David Wolfe
  • Barbara Zust

Sabbatical Leaves 2006-2007

  • Florence Amamoto
  • John Cha
  • Jeff Dahlseid
  • Deborah Downs-Miers
  • Becky Fremo
  • George Georgacarakos
  • Patricia Kazarow
  • June Kloubec
  • Paschal Kyoore
  • Jill Locke
  • Moira McDermott
  • Chuck Niederriter
  • Ron Rietz
  • Jenifer Ward
  • Larry Wohl

Sabbatical Leaves 2005-2006

  • Laura Behling
  • Leila Brammer
  • Claude Brew
  • Deane Curtin
  • Jon Grinnell
  • Mike Haeuser
  • Nancy Hanway
  • Jeanne Herman
  • Rich Hilbert
  • John Holte
  • Pam Kittelson
  • Mark Kruger
  • Dick Martin
  • Ann Pesavento
  • Stan Shetka
  • Jonathan Smith
  • Suzanne Wilson
  • Marie Walker
  • Linnea Wren

Sabbatical Leaves 2004-2005

  • Mark Bjelland
  • Mike Ferragamo
  • Chris Gilbert
  • Jeanne Herman
  • Colleen Jacks
  • Darrell Jodock
  • Bruce Johnson
  • Tom LoFaro
  • Svjetlana Madzar
  • Bruce McClain
  • Moira McDermott
  • Peg O'Connor
  • Tim Robinson
  • Jeff Rosoff
  • Amy Seham
  • Paula Swiggum
  • Andy Vaughn
  • Phil Voight

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