Services we provide

General Medical Service

  • physical exams
  • mental health
  • travel consults
  • wellness & prevention
  • prescription refills

Acute Illnesses

  • eye, ear, nose, throat infections
  • respiratory infections
  • skin infections
  • bladder infections


  • sprains
  • abrasions
  • burns

Sexual Health

  • pap smears
  • birth control: counseling & methods (all methods including oral contraceptive pills, depo provera, Nexplanon insertions, etc.)
  • pregnancy testing & counseling
  • Plan B (emergency contraception), sexually transmitted infections
  • condoms available for free


  • wart treatment
  • skin tag / mole removal
  • ingrown toenail repair
  • laceration repair
  • suture removal



  • rapid influenza test
  • mononucleosis
  • strep throat
  • urinalysis
  • pregnancy

For all other lab tests, blood can be drawn or specimens collected by Health Service staff and sent to Quest for processing. Lab orders from outside providers can be drawn and results will be sent to the ordering provider.

Mental Health

Diagnosis and care of depression, anxiety, eating disorders, and other psychological concerns. We collaborate with the Counseling Center in areas such as family relationships, stress management, depression, eating disorders, and substance abuse. A psychiatrist is also available to meet with students with a referral from a college professional.

Registered Dietitian

Counseling in healthy eating, weight management, food allergies, eating disorders, and medical conditions affecting nutrition.


Our Advanced Practice Providers are licensed to write prescriptions, which may be filled at a pharmacy in the area. A limited variety of commonly prescribed medications are available at Health Service.

Allergy Injections

Due to Covid-19 we will not be doing Allergy injections for the Academic year of 2020-2021. 

Services not provided:

  • medical imaging (X-Ray, CT, MRI)
  • allergy testing
  • certain immunizations for study abroad (ie. Yellow Fever)—please consult Health Service to learn what is recommended and what is available on-campus (immunizations not available on campus are available through the Mankato Clinic Travel Program).

Services are not limited to items listed above. If you have questions regarding services available please contact a member of the Health Service Team.