Counseling and Mental Health

During your time at Gustavus you may encounter new challenges you have never encountered before. We understand these challenges are often mentally and physically draining. When you encounter challenges you find too great to take on yourself we encourage you to seek guidance from the Counseling Center. The Counseling Center is a great place to find information or seek help with depression, eating disorders, anxiety, family relationships, or if you just need someone to talk to.



Mental Health link

Do you experience depression, anxiety, and/or sleep issues? How about challenges with substance use? These are common issues and free help is available!

Learn to Live offers customized online programs to help with issues surrounding Depression, Social Anxiety, Insomnia, Substance Use, and Stress, Anxiety, & Worry. These programs are based on the proven principles of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT). The programs are confidential, accessible anywhere, and based on years of research showing online CBT programs to be as effective as face-to-face therapy.

This service is available FREE to all Gustavus students. You can learn more by going to and enter the code GUSTAVUS. Not sure if this program is right for you? Go to the website and take the free, confidential online assessment to find out.

Gustavus employees and eligible family members can get a code to participate by going here.

Access to Learn to Live Webinars can be found here

Learn to Live is available to students through the generous support of the Coca-Cola Grant. Sponsored by Health Service, Counseling Center, and Dean of Students Office.