Health Insurance Resources

For general information about Health Care Reform and insurance options check out the website

Information about Minnesota's state funded health care programs can be found on the Minnesota Department of Human Services website Choose "People We Serve" from the top menu, then choose "Adults", "Health Care", and finally "Health Care Programs" to get directly to the information. A simple web application can be found here

The Young Invincibles website also has great information for young adults and parents about finding health care coverage. Their site is

There are several companies that sell health insurance plans. One that we have found to be helpful because the plan is designed specifically for full-time college students is Sallie Mae. You can view their full site at or go directly to

Other major health plan carriers in Minnesota include:

All of these websites have tools to help you decide which plan is right for you as well as an estimated cost. There are a variety of plans available, so be sure to check out the options.

Gustavus does not endorse any of these plans. Our hope is simply to provide you with some resources to assist you in finding the right health care coverage for your needs.